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Ever since Blogger went down, I haven’t done a very good job of keeping the news section up to date. Needless to say, there has been news. I have decided to lump together a bunch of it here:

August 11, 2010
Next week on August 17th, Terry will answer your questions via an online chat at B&N Facebook! Click HERE to join the Terry Brooks B&N Event and be notified the day it will go live!

August 10, 2010
Only two weeks away from the US publication of Bearers of the Black Staff!

Goodreads conducted an interview with Terry about Bearers of the Black Staff. To view the interview, click HERE!

The Ask Terry questions sent into the site during July have now been answered by Terry! Click HERE!

July 21, 2010
Want to know how Terry sees the black staves carried by the Knights of the Word? Click HERE to read an article I wrote on how Terry tweaked the cover to Bearers of the Black Staff!

HERE are two pictures of Terry at last week’s LibertyCon, one featuring author Ben Bova and the other featuring Terry’s cover artist, Darrell K. Sweet! I will put up more pictures sent in from fans who attended the convention when I am back from Comic Con next week! Stay tuned!

July 7, 2010
Terry has answered your June questions on the Ask Terry page! Be sure to send in your own questions for July!

July 6, 2010
Here is the Publishers Weekly review of Bearers of the Black Staff:

The horrors of a war-ravaged world again invade a hard-won peace in Brooks’s intense follow-up to 2008’s The Gypsy Morph. Five hundred years have passed since Hawk led a tattered band of survivors into a valley protected by a magical barrier. Now the wall has been breached. The last known Knight of the Word, Sider Ament, wields a powerful black staff that he hopes to pass to a new leader. After rescuing talented teen Trackers Panterra Qu and Prue Liss, Sider asks them to warn the Children of Hawk. Unfortunately, their council leaders don’t share Sider’s certainty of an impending invasion. While Sider explores the other side of the barrier, the young Trackers find help from Arborlon Elves in this superlative Tolkien-style fantasy tweaked with a contemporary vibe. (Sept.)

July 3, 2010
Here is the first published taste of Bearers of the Black Staff! Chapter One! Enjoy!

June 30, 2010
Bearers of the Black Staff, Book One in the Legends of Shannara duology, will be published August 24th in the US and a week later in the UK. It takes place 500 years after the events of The Gypsy Morph. The website will be posting Chapter 1 and Chapter 13 from the novel in the coming weeks ahead, so stay tuned.

Terry will also only be doing three signing events for Bearers of the Black Staff — two in Seattle and one in Portland. He is in the midst of moving and has started writing a new book. Visit the Events page for the most current information.

And as always, if you can’t meet with Terry but want a signed/personalized copy of the next book, visit The Signed Page.

Terry has finished writing the sequel to Bearers of the Black Staff! The tentative title of the final book in the Legends of Shannara duology is titled The Measure of the Magic. More on this in late August when Terry is videotaped at his events and next year before the book is published.

Terry has begun outline work on the next trilogy, which takes place after the events of High Druid of Shannara. For more on this, read Terry’s Letter to the Fans.

Terry will be holding two — that’s right, two! — online chats for Bearers of the Black Staff. The first one will be conducted by B&N on August 18 at 3:30 to 5:30 pm PDT. When the link to the chat is available, it will be posted here.

The second chat will be conducted by myself on The date has not been determined but it will likely be during the week of the book’s release. Stay tuned!

Terry has answered your May Ask Terry auestions!

Terry has also written a mid-year Letter to the Fans, updating everyone on the status of the movies, what he is writing next, and what he’s generally been up to.

The Gulf of Mexico oil spoil has many people worried. Terry is one of them. He asked that I post this notice:

“Dear Readers, Judine and I are strong supporters of the work being done by National Wildlife Federation, and no more so than with the recent oil spill in the gulf. At their request, I am posting this notice asking for your support. If you can do anything to help, I know they would appreciate it. Many thanks, Terry.”

The catastrophic oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico caused by the April 20, 2010 explosion of an offshore oil rig has put local economies, wildlife and the Gulf’s delicate coastal ecosystem at risk. This could be one of the worst environmental disasters in our nation’s history.

This is an urgent situation for both people and wildlife! Hundreds of species and fragile coastal wetlands, lagoons and barrier islands are in serious peril. Please go to and find out how you can help wildlife right now or text “WILDLIFE” to 20222 to donate $10.

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