Bearers of the Black Staff Released Tomorrow!

Coming August 24th!
Tomorrow, August 24th, is the day!

The day Bearers of the Black Staff is published by Del Rey Books in the US/Canada!

It is a day that has been a long day in coming. Ever since Terry published The Gypsy Morph in 2008, Terry’s fans have had numerous questions about the ramifications of the Genesis of Shannara series. What happened to Hawk? What happened to Panther and Cat? Will Angel Perez and Logan Tom become Druids? Is the Void dead? How will the races begin hating one another if they are within such close proximity to one another? So many question…

Terry answers some of them and many more in Bearers of the Black Staff and in next year’s sequel The Measure of the Magic.

First though, you have to read Bearers of the Black Staff!

Happy reading this week!

2 responses to “Bearers of the Black Staff Released Tomorrow!”

  1. I am a 47 yr old reader of STUFF. King, Koontz, Baldacci, Sandford,Jordan,Cook,Paul Wilson,ect ect. NEVER have I been more emotionaly drawn into stories since I read my first TB book. I simply think he is the best writer our speices has EVER produced. I just discovered his works a month ago, and am already on my 5th book.Running with the Demon frickin’ out King’s King for heaven’s sake!!!!! I SHOULD have been reading him since 77!!! What a dope I am!! Mr Brooks…YOU SIR… ROCK!!!! LOVE LOVE the word and Void stuff, and Bearers is SUPURB!!!!A word and Void harback omnibus before too long I hope!??I work 6 days a week ( that makes Sunday all TB all day)and still cram all the TB I can!! LOOOVVVVEEEE it!!!

  2. Mr. Brooks,
    I am an avid fan of your Shannara legacy. My first read was The Elfstones back in 1995 in grade 5 elementary. It was just a random pick, and it got me hooked. I have been reading your novels ever since. I must say that you answered my prayers when you decided to devulge your time into developing the Genesis series. I owe you a great thank you for all of the wonderful characters and there stories. You are truly an author of sheer wonder and delight. I hope that the Shannara series doesn’t meet an end anytime soon. I hope to capture my sons interest as he gets older using your novels as bedtime stories and that he too will share the same appreciation for your works as I do. Once again thank you.
    From a lifetime fan.

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