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The MOVIES section is now up and running with the most current news about both the Shannara movie and the Landover movie.

You won’t be pleased about it, of course. I know I’m not. Read what Terry has to say and then make up your own mind. I know some of you will be happy both options have lapsed back to Terry; I know a great many of you won’t be happy. There is hope though. Time will tell if that hope pans out or not.

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  1. Now is the time for the production of the Shannara movies. I cannot believe, that one of the movie studios would not see, what a success this type of movie would be. Look at the Lord of the Rings.

  2. Hi Sandra, Bearers of the Black Staff is schedule to come out tomorrow in the US and Canada. It will be published on September 3rd in the UK, I believe. So get ready to go to a bookstore soon!

    Jim, absolutely. It makes no sense. Then again, Hollywood is notorious for this kind of thing. They made crappy fantasy movies after the LOTR movies, and then the movie studios believe it’s the genre of movie that didn’t make them money, NOT the quality of film-making they put into it. I really wish someone like Guillermo del Toro or Ridley Scott would get a hold of Elfstones. Ahh well, guess we will just be waiting!

    • Once I get done with schooling, I am so going to push for the Shannara and magic kingdom series to come to life. I grew up on these books, and I would love for the next generation to be able to see them in another light that compliments Mr. Brooks work.

  3. I am desperate for the movies to be made. BUT in my opinion it is unlikely to get made until someone relentlessly pushes it to be made, because thats the only way movies get made nowadays. Look at other films and feature length DVD movies, and if you research them, you will see that there is always someone pushing it like crazy, way before it is confirmed and goes into production. Its hard and there are always hurdles to overcome, but unless someone owns it with a passion to make sure it gets done, it wont.
    Who should that person be? Well, I dont know, but Terry might need to convince somebody of the right sort to take up the cause, and go at it like a dog.

  4. I whole heartedly agree with Joel. Elfstones is the movie that needs to be made. I know it will make boat loads of money, and then Hollywood will be breaking down Terry’s door for the movie rights to his other books.

  5. huge terry brooks fan here. just got bearers of the black staff yesterday, and as always, it was amazing! cant wait till the next book comes out. anyone know when?

  6. Lat I heard was that Warner Brothers had bought the rights to the Sword and Elfstones. this was in 2007/8. IMDB suggests that Elfstones is due 2012 and Sword is due 2013, but not much detail I’m afraid. Is Terry in contact with the studios over the matter ?

    • Please read the movie section of the website. No movies are being made. IMDB is lying. Warner Bros had the option but they did nothing with it and it was returned to Terry earlier this year.

  7. the sad part of books made movies it destroys the story unless you find some one with the dream and cash i hope thats the case here would love to see any of the books on the big screen

  8. no Elfstones movie?!?! v.v *sad* thats the best book ever of the Shannara series! aside from Goodkind’s Wizard’s First Rule, minus that $#^%$#@ version of the tv show* c’mon Terry! make Elfstones a movie! just PLEASE don’t make it animated!

  9. I am happy 🙂

    I suppose there are lots of people who would like to see the Shannara series (or Elfstones, that is) be made into a movie. But: I honestly hope that this will never happen 🙂 Everybody knows that movies – especially Hollywood-movies – tend to change the story, if not the whole plot. We can see this with the Landover series where the studios already changed the whole plot around Benni (suddenly he has children who are still alive etcetc). It won’t be different with Elfstones – and changing only one chapter of the story (leaving out a piece or adding new stuff) will definitively spoil the story. And as there is no guarantee that Shannara or any other of Brooks’ novels are adapted 1:1 I’d rather live with NO movie than with a movie that has nothing in common with the story its telling. Better write a original new story, a screenplay, directly for the movie instead of turning an existing book into an adaption….

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