New Sections Added

I have restored the WRITING and the STORE pages back to the website.

The Writing section speaks for itself, but will be expanding in the next few months to help others find their way through the publishing industry.

The Store has the fantastic maps of Russ Charpentier for sales. Russ is responsible for the last decade’s worth of maps in the Shannara and Landover novels. If you love maps, then the Store might be the place for you.

More soon! I still have the general Druid Library to restore, along with the Collecting page. Soon. So soon…

2 responses to “New Sections Added”

  1. Hi Sean. I really like the new look for the website, but what has happened to the timeline section with info re future books. I scarfed “Bearers” down like ice cream on a hot August day, and wanted to find out how long till the second half is published.

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