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The Terry Brooks chat today went very well! Terry was in rare form and it was great seeing him and Peter V. Brett answer questions from their fans.

To read the chat transcript, click HERE!

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  1. Terry I have followed your books from almost the beginning I just finished
    Bearers of the black staff. It was awesome. How long do we have to wait for The Measure of the Magic? I know that Bearers just came out but you kind
    left us hanging again.
    Oak Harbor, Wa

  2. Hi Mr. Brooks,
    Sorry about the header it sounds like that movie Mr. Brooks. Anyways I wanted to comment a couple things of your Landover series. 1st I was wondering if the 6th is going to be the last. I haven’t read it yet but am up to it and waiting for it to be returned to the local library here in Guantanamo bay Cuba. 2nd I was curious as to why you thought the need to explain again all your characters in every book. I found it a little irritating having to reread what I already knew. The only thing I could come up with is that you added those for the people eagerly awaiting the release of your next books. 3rd I absolutely loved The Tangle Box the best so far and the ending it made me laugh to know Horris finally found his pot of gold posing as you. Quite witty. Thank you for writing them so far I have found great joy reading them.
    Sincerely Landover Fan.

    • 1. Hope you can get the book soon. The 6th book is not the last Landover book, although it will probably be several several years before Terry writes another one, which will probably be the last one.

      2. Terry re-explains the characters in all of his novels because after several years go by people forget what came before. In the case of A Princess of Landover, it had been 14 years since people had read a new Landoer book and some refreshing was needed, at least Terry thought so.

      3. Glad you enjoyed The Tangle Box. It is my favorite Landover book too.

  3. I am in the process of buying a kindle. Will we see all books published be available in this format? Although i love to have the books it makes sense to use this technology.

  4. I am new to these books and started with Armageddon’s Children and just finished with the Gypsy Morph. Totally hooked! They are wonderful! Where should I go from here? Should I start at the beginning of the Shannara books?

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