The B&N Chat

Today Terry participated in a B&N chat on Facebook. He took questions over the course of two hours from fans wanting to know everything from if Tael Riverine is going to be used again in an upcoming novel to if Grianne will come back.

Both answers might surprise you.

Thanks to everyone who came out! Terry had a great time and we’ll be conducting another chat in the near future. To read today’s chat as it happened, visit the B&N Facebook HERE. I will be compiling an easier to read transcript from the chat. It will take me several days to do it though so feel free to read through it now.

Thanks to everyone who came out!

2 responses to “The B&N Chat”

  1. I was amazed with the great questions and Terry’s answered. I felt like I was in the room with royalty… Thank you Terry for taking the time and sharing yourself with everyone.

  2. I agree. It’s always great when a big author like Terry chats with us fans. I know the man and it still makes me giddy! I’ll be getting that chat transcript up and running this morning too, so hopefully I’ll have something new to post here in a few hours!

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