Website Additions

Yesterday I uploaded the new NOVELS page. This morning I uploaded the new ASK TERRY and READING ORDER pages.

The NOVELS page still needs to have each individual book’s page added to it, the last thing I will do when it comes to this redesign.

The ASK TERRY page still needs a lot of work but at least people can now send in their questions to the website.

Tonight I should be able to get the BIO and WHAT’S NEXT? pages added back in. Then will come the DRUID LIBRARY, which will take a while and will now consist of several smaller pages (Writing, Collecting, Store, etc.).

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  1. I am trying to read Terry Brooks books in the order of the chronological events of the story. I started with The Word and the Void and read all those and then went to The Genesis of Shannara series. What should I read next?

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