Re-Building the Website

Now that my novel is edited and sent off to several publishers, I can finally get back to finishing this new website! It’s going to take a lot of work but I like where it is going now. Slowly but surely, the pages with coming soon attached to them will be filled in with content.

If you have any suggestions for additional areas of the website, definitely let me know. I’m always looking to improve and that takes you to help!

Also, would someone comment on this post? I want to make sure my anti-spam software isn’t preventing people from commenting. Thanks!

Now, back to work. Just got the Suggested Reading Orders page updated and now on to the Website History and Sometimes the Magic Works areas!

6 responses to “Re-Building the Website”

  1. Keep up the good work, I love this website. Two things that I would love to see: (1) a warning about spoilers on certain bits especially Ask Terry. I am just reading the High Druid books at the moment, and saw something I shouldn’t have! (2) a map of Shannara?!

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