Review: Bearers of the Black Staff

Russel Hale, of Rambling Russ fame, has reviewed Bearers of the Black Staff in his podcast Episode #227. You can listen to what Russel thinks of the newest book HERE!

He also interviewed Terry a few years in Episodes 92 & 93, as well as reviewed The Gypsy Morph in Episode 115. Enjoy listening!

2 responses to “Review: Bearers of the Black Staff”

  1. Terry Brooks brings out another trilogy! Bearers was great – I devoured it inside 24 hours. Another new and intriguing eposide in the big epic struggle from Present Day to the Shannara dystopian future is taking shape.

    Ever since a girl named Maureen stood up in my grade 10 English Lit class and broke down in tears doing a book report on “Elfstones of Shannara” and I said to myself “I MUST read this book!” I have been a constant Shannara fan, and have read every book written on it so far. Not all of them have been, in my mind, equal in stature, but I have enjoyed every single one. Bearers is true to the Shannara standard – I simply could not put it down. Who needs to sleep anyway? Looking forward to installment #2.

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