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  1. I got the book “Bearers of the Black Staff: legends of Shannara” by Terry Brooks for Christmas and just finished it yesterday. I noticed a few word omission errors and thought I would pass them along. Unfortunately, I marked them by pressing my fingernail into the paper at the spot of the error as I read, and then I tried to find them after finishing the book. I believe there were four or five in all, but I could only find three of them when I flipped back through the pages. They are listed as follows:

    P74, first paragraph, last sentence
    Missing the word “is” between “he” and “so”. …..he is so … vs. ….. he so …

    P189, second paragraph (beginning with Panterra), third sentence
    The sentence is missing the word “to” between “going” and “let”. They were going to let them go! …vs … They were going let them go!

    P243, first paragraph, third sentence
    The sentence is missing the word “at” between “back” and “her”. Phryne smiled brightly when he looked back at her. …vs … Phryne smiled brightly when he looked back her.

    On another note, most of the Shannara series books in the past have had a map at the beginning. I missed having one in this book.

    A Terry Brooks fan,
    Robert Olsen

  2. Gooday Terry.
    I started reading the Shannara series in 1977 and have read every one. My daughter later became a Shannara reader and has read them all too. Now her daughter (15) is devouring them also. She raids my Shannara library each time she visits. I’ll soon have to start replacing some of the earlier titles as they’re getting worn out through being read and re-read. So when the three of us are together there’s a great deal of Shannara-talk going on.

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