Terry 4 Chapters Away

Terry is four chapters away from finishing the first book in the post-High Druid trilogy! He should be finished with it in early March and after going over it will send it on to his editor in New York as well as his continuity editor in Seattle.

He plans on writing the second book in the trilogy, which is not yet titled, during the rest of 2011. If he can get the book finished by the end of the year, he will try to convince the publisher to release all three books in the trilogy at six month intervals instead of yearly. More on that around early 2012!

And don’t forget. The Measure of the Magic will be published on August 30, 2011!

6 responses to “Terry 4 Chapters Away”

  1. This is the best news I have heard! I really hope the publisher allows this six month interval for the next trilogy. That would really keep the magic happening!!

  2. Ack! These books are coming out faster than I can keep up with them. I only started Sword of Shannara in late November and am finishing the last book of the Heritage of Shannara.

    I love that the story is still being written — now if only I can catch up! lol

  3. I’m diggin’ the “all three books in the trilogy at six month intervals” thing. This would be a blessing for me!

  4. I am so thrilled to hear this news. These books have been such a great addition to my adventurous reading life! Just in time for those relaxing summer days on the patio sipping a glass of wine or a cup of coffee. 🙂

  5. I’ve been a loyal Terry Brooks fun for over 30 years when I discovered The Sword of Shannara in High School. Friends know a gift certificate to a bookstore for my birthday in the summer will go toward a Brooks book due out at the end of summer. To have Terry at 6 month intervials would be heaven! (I hate having to wait for the rest of the story….)

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