Cover: The Measure of the Magic

Here is the cover for the US edition of The Measure of the Magic, Book II in the Legends of Shannara duology! It will be published on August 30th in the US and a day later in the UK!

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  1. Gorgeous! Maybe I am reading into it too much, but the staff on this cover has some bends and crooks, whereas “Bearers of the Black Staff” depicts a completely straight staff. Is there again more than one staff in play? We know that Terry was particular and specific with respect to the staff shown on BotBS. Is the same true here?

    • Ya know, the way Terry throws twists and turns in the storyline, I wouldn’t be suprised if another staff bearer appears from the outside world….but then again it could just be the artists take on things…..

  2. is that the finished cover? maybe it’s just me but the Staff doesn’t look straight enough? other than that its a fabulous cover! 🙂

  3. Love the new cover for The Measure of the Magic! But I have to point out that the staff has changed from being straight on BOTBS to curvy on the latest cover. Does the staff itself change from bearer to bearer?

  4. Yeah, I wish it was straighter. It should be straighter, that’s for sure. Perhaps the Del Rey art department and Steve Stone will fix it before the book prints and publishes? We’ll see.

  5. Oh wow! can’t wait to read the new book. You know what? Why does it even matter if the staff in the cover is bent at all? It’s just art! Some people! Now that I think about it I’m wondering why that bend is in the staff now also. Oh well, I probably won’t lose any sleep on it… actually, I might. : (

  6. With the way the story was told, from start to finish, in Black Bearers was excellent. I look forward to how the conclusion will begin and end as well. A must-have book for me this year. I cannot wait!

  7. I think the cover is one of the best ever! The archway to creepiness and adventure! The staff I agree should be straighter. If it is passed down to the next Bearer then art depictions should conform and be consistant. On the other hand, I have never went on a walk in the woods with a perfectly straight walking stick myself, so. If we had never seen a straight staff, then I wouldn’t care too much. But hey, once you open the book its all exquisite words on a page and we can open our minds to whatever we choose the staff to be! Thanks in advance to Terry for another great edition to my collection.

  8. The cover looks awesome! However I do agree with the others, the artist either didn’t read the book or didn’t read the description of the staff close enough. It has always been completely straight in all the books about staff bearers. From the looks of the cover, I am thinking Pan finds some really cool place on the outside that is gonna have something that is gonna profoundly affect everyone!

  9. does it matter if the staff is straight or not? since Sider died at the end of BotBS, and panterra hasn’t had any training in it’s use, couldn’t it have been warped through trial an error? or perhaps pan is the last one to ever bear the black staff that it becomes warped and twisted. just conjecture and opinion on my part or it could be the artist got lazy lol. btw that arch way, though different, also is a similar on Mitchel Graham’s Fifth Ring triblogy, book 3, The ancient Legacy, but not as fully detailed and sweet as brooks is, just too bad the measure of the magic doent come out til aug, ill be back in basic training by then… 🙁

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