January Ask Terry Uploaded

Due to some technical difficulties that will be completely fixed in the next month or so, the answers to the questions you all asked Terry in January are now posted HERE!

The February Q&A will be posted in a few days. Be sure to ask your own questions though for this month!

2 responses to “January Ask Terry Uploaded”

  1. I was being intentiionally obtuse last email. I didn’t know if someone else reads these too and you’re wanderings are yours to keep to yourself. It wasn’t Dean who introduced us I ran into him on Blues night at Engle’s Irish Pub. I just assumed it would have been an attorney who knew you in Edmonds. Anyway, St. Pat’s party tonight there with brisket on the smoker for the last 12 hours. Skip promises it will be delicious. I hope you’re around. Cheers ,Brett

  2. In the early shannara books there were a few very well done illustrations in the books. I also notice that many books now a days have designs and artwork on the first page of book chapters. Is there a reason you don’t put illustrations in the books anymore?

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