Terry Reviews: Hull Zero Three

Hull Zero ThreeHull Zero Three by Greg Bear
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This month I am recommending Greg Bear’s new book. No, not the Halo book, although I hear it’s pretty good, too. I am talking about HULL ZERO THREE, which I keep referring to as Greg’s take on ALIEN. Greg is a hard science fiction writer, but when he gets hold of a good story, look out. This is one. A page turner once you get into it and begin to see the story taking shape, it follows the efforts of a newly awakened space traveler in a giant space ship as he realizes that his awakening has not gone according to plan and there are things hunting him throughout the ship. As usual with Greg, his exploration of ideas about space travel and procreation after light years of deep space sleep to new worlds are fascinating and cause for some serious thinking. I like this book a lot and do recommend it.

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