Cover 2: High Druid of Shannara

Sometimes little tweaks happen after a cover is sent to media outlets like online bookstores. Turns out the Amazon cover we all found was not the final one.

Below is the final one, where the darkwand staff has been mostly corrected:



23 responses to “Cover 2: High Druid of Shannara”

  1. I like the cover. It reaches out and grabs you by the imagination! The cover has all the promise that the Shanara series delivers.

  2. Very cool. Love the artwork. It is fun to have these images as I read…I have the pronouciations imagined as well. Care to give us a glossary of names with the proper pronounciations?
    What is the third title in the trilogy? I’ve finished Jarka Ruus, just started Tanequil…I’ll be ready for #3 in a couple of weeks! Love tha characters…where do you get the inspiration for their personalities?

  3. Love the cover. Currently finishing off this trilogy for the second time. One small question. With that being the darkwand, we can assume that the male figure would be Pen, right? So, wouldn’t he be missing two finger on one of his hands??? Just a small observation.

  4. Not meaning to be a pest, but I do prefer the more scenic covers, like the last few omnibi. I just find this one too up-close to a person. I really would like to see what’s behind him.

  5. First off, I love the cover. Aside from the fingers as someone else mentioned, my only issue is that Pen is constantly described as “just a boy,” so my imagination was constantly reducing his age until in Straken, which I’m reading now, I picture him as no older than 15. In that cover, he looks to be at least in his mid 20s. It might sound significant, but that’s actually a minor gripe to me because I love the look of the cover as it is.

  6. I have to agree with Casper. Not a big fan of the “close up” cover. To me there’s been none better than the Hildebrandt art from the Sword of Shannara. I’ve always been a fan of the kind of art you do on a piece of paper, not a computer. That being said, it is a decent cover…. A little Anakin Skywalker-ish …. but cool nonetheless.

  7. Oh my God I love it! I am a HUGE fan of these books!!! *girly squeel of delight* I can’t wait to read it!

  8. What if that’s not Pen at all? This could be Traunt Rowan. Looks more like one of the druids than a red-headed Rover boy missing some fingers.

  9. LoL. I don’t mea to be a stickler but are we all referring to the cover at the top of this page? I see brown facial hair and a full set of fingers.

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