BrooksBlog: The Reluctant Blogger

Really, that’s exactly what I am. I don’t like blogs. I don’t read other people’s blogs. Mostly, I don’t even want to know what other people are thinking because it just embarrasses me. But my publisher and my faithful web druid Shawn both say I should do a blog. Readers like them, they insist. Even my kids say I should blog, mostly because they do. What they don’t get is that I have spent sixty odd years of my life learning not to do many of the things they think I should do.

My publisher, on the other hand, pays the bills. Shawn probably has ulterior motives he is not revealing, but mostly his advice is good. So, here I am, blogging. Not every day, mind you – just when I feel like it. Those of you lusting for regular, meaningful content in your lives will have to find it elsewhere. But frequently I will log in with something mundane, boring and ultimately of no practical use in your lives.

Except, just because I am the way I am, every now and then I will throw in something revealing about my books – maybe even give something away just to see if you are paying attention.

Just often enough to keep you checking in. Now that you know my blogging plans, feel free to ignore me.


5 responses to “BrooksBlog: The Reluctant Blogger”

  1. Sorry, Terry, but I can’t ignore you. You’re a huge influence on my life as a writer and my favorite, so I gotta keep keep an eye out more on your blogs! 🙂

  2. Hi Terry,
    You are the best! I love the idea of you blogging but also understand that it can be time consuming and somewhat too revealing. In all reality we are just so very lucky to have all your wonderful tales to read and now that you are starting a blog! Well that’s just icing on the cake! Keep up the fine work and I love your sense of humor!!

  3. Your books and Ask Terry are “blog” enough for me, but I am always interested in whatever else you choose to share.

  4. Terry, I haven’t blogged in a while but i have some good pictures of some special flowers and a cool animated musical if you are bored and need something to renew your mind. i post not to often allso. 🙂

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