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I’m going on the road again in the fall and not in the Northwest this time. For the past three years, I’ve just tooled around the immediate area. Had fun, of course. I still like going out and meeting readers and talking about books. I still seek out actively the thrill of the chase – i.e., meeting someone who tells me they don’t read fantasy so I can tell them why, in fact, they do and then persuade them to try reading me. I love that challenge. My proudest moments have to do with making improbable sales. Anyway, I am going east to DragonCon over Labor Day weekend and then up the coast to New England. I don’t have the schedule yet, but some sort of itinerary will start to flesh itself out fairly soon. It will be up on the website by July. I’m kind of excited about it. Truth is, I miss it. And I don’t. Travel these days is hard, and traveling every day is a nightmare. I’ve taken to renting cars and just visiting surrounding areas instead of trying to hit major cities and relying on flight to get me there. But I think I’m nearing the end of all that. I can see now that my time is better spent writing. I like being at home and hanging out. I don’t want to go out for three and four weeks anymore, and I don’t think I will again. I am starting to sound like Bilbo Baggins at the end of things. Scary. Really, even after all these years, I am still more like Peter Pan.

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    • like all of us, we want you to follow your heart and instinct, it has served you well over the years, as a father of 2 beautiful girls and a fan since the sword, i trust your instincts and the need to be closer to home. god bless and thanks.

  1. if you ever fly thru DFW (Dallas), we’ll come pick you up and chauffeur you around so you dont have to drive!! 🙂

  2. Well Terry, I guess we will just have to come to your neck of the woods then. If after this trip you don’t travel any more.
    I know for me it was an honor to meet you at ComicCon here in San Diego. It was great hearing you speak and then talking with you afterwards.

  3. I really wish you could make it to Texas. I live in a small town where hardly anyone ever comes but I have been reading your books since I was a kid and even talked my boyfriend into reading them and he enjoys them as well.

    • Terry has been to Texas numerous times over the 11 years I’ve been doing his website. Keep an eye out on the website for 2012, but I’m telling you right now: If you get a chance to travel to see him, do it. He isn’t going to be touring much anymore.

  4. Well then, a trip east this year or one to Washington sometime in the future will be required.
    Buying a Kobo today. Borders is offering 33% off! Outstanding deal! Now I can take all my favorite Shannara books on the road without an extra suitcase! Yipppppeeeeeee

  5. If you haven’t had an opportunity to meet Terry, you are missing out. He is a very funny, nice, and down-to-earth guy. He is also very patient with his fans and will spend hours signing books, ensuring that every one gets signed. The first time I met him I was shocked to see how many books people brought with them. Some people had at least 10-12 books and he made sure to sign each one while inserting a little bit of humor or kind sarcasm into the conversation. I hope he goes further south than ATL this year, because I can’t make it to DragonCon.

  6. Enjoyed many hours on the road with your audiobooks. Great travel partners. Hope you will stop in North Carolina on your way up the east coast. Might I suggest the lovely town of Wilson, Books-a-Million? Its on I-95, easy to get to.

  7. I’ve had the great fortune to meet Terry in the Twin Cities during his tours on three separate occasions. This last time, I must admit, poor Terry looked exhausted at the end of the evening. In “Sometimes The Magic Works,” Terry explicitely said to bring his books and he’ll sign them. So I did; I packed an entire suitcase and moved to the very end of the line. Terry politely signed each and every one and they’re all treasured pieces in my collection. However, I did feel guilty and made sure Judine was driving him back to his hotel.

    I certainly hope Terry can make it back to the Midwest some day, but understand the value of time and the wear and tear of the road.

  8. Although I am American, I have been living in England, UK for the past 7 years. Would love to see you if you decide to ever make a trip across the pond. Husband and I were talking about making a visit to Dragoncon this year, may have to press him harder. I would love to meet you and get a signed copy of your up n coming book.

  9. I’ll be at Dragon Con this year. Looking forward to the chance of finally meeting you! I’ve been an avid fan for more than half my life now

  10. I’ve had the fortunate pleasure of meeting Terry on 3 separate occasions, twice at ComicCon and once during a tour in San Francisco, and each time was an absolute treat! The book tour in San Francisco was out of the way, but well worth it! Any fan of Terry Brooks is doing themselves a great disservice not attending a tour event should one be nearby. Terry, if you plan on coming back to California in the future, I will be there! Thanks for the great conversations and awesome signage!

  11. Glad I got to meet him when I did… I am the very same way about being near home. There’s a reason I make my home where I do.

  12. I went to a signing by Terry for his Star Wars book when I was 12 years old. That was a long time ago. I was one of the few in the line that was getting a Shannara book signed, and he told me about the new Shannara book he was currently working on (First King). I tried to get the title out of him, but he wouldn’t budge. Must have been his inner Druid manifesting himself. Good guy. Good day in my life. Hope Terry is around for a very long time.

  13. Terry,
    Every time I have traveled to see you, it has been a lot of fun! I truly hope you change your mind, but I fully understand not wanting to travel these days with getting a complimentary cavity search and all….
    Well, at least we have Shawn and the SignedPage to fill the void with our signed book needs!
    Hope all is well!
    Keep up the fine work!

  14. I hope you drop by the Norfolk/VA beach area. Hopefully I can get to one of your east coast events.

  15. So I guess that you will never be touring Australia then in the near future. Pitty been a big fan since i was 12, wow 20 years now. Hopefully one day i will be in the US when you do a tour.

  16. My 10 year old daughter Emma is a huge fan and has been asking when she can get to meet Terry so we checked out the website. I read Sword of Shannara to her last year and she was so taken with the story and fantasy genre that she focused her young authors book this year on a fantasy adventure with elves, trolls, dwarves, and gnomes. Anyway, we’re definitely interested to know if Terry will be returning to Illinois sometime in the future. I’ve had the chance to meet Terry a couple of times at Anderson’s bookstore in Naperville and found him to be extremely engaging and accommodating to his fans. At the rate at which my daughter asks about meeting Terry, we might have to plan a road trip if Terry is unable to schedule a trip to the Chicago area.

  17. Ah, I wish I lived in America! If you ever decide to tour overseas, please consider New Zealand as your first port of call!

  18. Safe travels Mr. Brooks! It will be hot and sticky on the east coast this time of year. (Two reasons I moved to Colorado.) The best part of traveling can be coming home at the end and sharing your stories of your time away with family and freinds. God Speed!

  19. That’s a shame because you were great to meet the last time you were in London, on eof the best authors I’ve met. Would be fanatastic if you coudl make it over here one last time.

  20. I like Terry, never travel far. I use his imagination to take me to amazing places. So, if staying closer to home keeps him writing than I won’t be too disappointed. I started with the first publication of Sword, and have not missed one since. Although Shannara is my favorite. Weaving nest to be the mother of all was brilliant ! He is the best, and not one foul word or inuendo. That seems to be an impossible challenge in this troubled world of ours. If only we die and go to Shannara …..

  21. Since I live in Alaska my friend who lives in Washington stood in line for me last year so I could get a signed copy. I waited to read Bearers Of The Black Staff until we went on vacation down to Washington in October. Well once I got the book I did not want to ruin it so I ended up downloading it to my IPad. I have every book you wrote in Hardcover on my bookshelf except for my signed copy which has it’s on spot in it’s own special drawer. If you ever come to Alaska for a nook signing I’ll be the first in line!

  22. Terry, Thank you so much for all the great stories! I wasn’t much of a reader till one day I found one of your books at a swap shop.Out of thousands of books yours seemed to catch my eye as I was leaving the book isle.Isn’t that crazy! It was an old soft back,wrinkled, and guess which book! Sword of Shannara! .50 cents. Of course I’ve spent much more on your books since. Keep writing and God bless you and yours!

  23. hopefully you will make it to Chicagoland before you decide to hang up your winged shoes-your books introduced me to the sci fi/fantasy genre that I adore so in junior high and would love to see you in person-maybe even hear you read an exerpt. there is nothing like hearing an author read from their work-you hear the love of their work in their voices. Thanks for all the great adventures and “friends” I’ve met thru your works!

  24. You might love doing a Southeastern tour sometime! I know lots of people in Alabama who love your books.

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