BrooksBlog: Off To the Dentist

I went to the dentist today. I was reluctant about this like so many other things. Just a teeth cleaning, but in terms of anticipation it might as well have been a full frontal lobotomy.

This isn’t the fault of my dentist or his staff, who are kind and patient and very careful of my mouth. This is a carryover from childhood when the dentist I was seeing hurt me regularly and a lot and once had his nurse hold me down while he leaned over me with his knee on my chest and forced my mouth open. I don’t think that is recommended procedure any more, but I can’t quite leave that memory behind. It was worse than when I got run over by a car. Worse than when I fell through a rusted screen door and it took my mother three hours to pull all the little pieces of metal out of me.

But those are stories for another time.

Although, it occurs to me, that in those cases when the worst was past someone gave me candy to help ease the memory’s pain. I don’t think a dentist has ever tried giving me candy.

Written by Terry Brooks
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