New Publication Date For MEASURE!

Forthcoming: August 23rd!
Del Rey Books, in their infinite wisdom, have decided to publish The Measure of the Magic, the sequel to Bearers of the Black Staff, a week earlier than originally planned. It will now be published on August 23, 2011 instead of August 30, 2011!

So make those changes to your calendar! You are getting your yearly Brooks book a week earlier than thought!

17 responses to “New Publication Date For MEASURE!”

  1. As I own all the Shannara series I would dearly love Terry Brooks buy a signed copy of ‘The Measure of Magic’

  2. Woohoo! I whole week! Hey, if this happens every year, maybe the books will start coming out in July! 😉

  3. Nice! … So this means I can FINALLY start reading “Bearers of the Black Staff” on August 22nd!!!

  4. Legacy of Shannara

    * Unknown (forthcoming August 2012)
    * Unknown (forthcoming March 2013)
    * Unknown (forthcoming August 2013
    looks like i have a LONG wait………

  5. Comes out 1st September in the UK 🙁 and the cover is really dull….

    I can’t wait to read it though 😀

  6. Yes!!! I was slightly bummed it was coming out (relatively speaking) later than the books normally do – all is right with the world again. I can’t wait!

  7. August 23rd 2011 Bugger The world’s going to end on October 21st Looks like Australia will dip out on “Measure of the Magic

  8. August 23rd 2011 Great now I can face the end of the world on October 21st
    Thanks Mr Brooks

  9. Fantastic! Can’t wait but unfortunately have too…

    @ Terry Fan…Please don’t ever suggest that Mr Brooks write faster, it’s because of his writing pace and attention to detail in his work that allows us to take part in the amazing journey known as Shannara…

    @ Garylee…A long wait indeed but well worth it…

    @ Haylee…Never judge a book by it’s cover lol so as the old saying goes…I personally think that it fits the story about to be told and goes along with the other covers of this new series…

    @ everyone who thinks the world is coming to an end, no better read than the Shannara series along with the bible to finish all off with…

    Enjoy all…

  10. We all made it through the Rapture on May 21, so I think Oct 21 is also safe. Just cause kooks say a date doesn’t make it so….. besides only one knows the date for the end of the world, and that nut case just ain’t he.

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