BrooksBlog: 50 Year Reunion

Just finished hosting the yearly get-together of my small group of close High School friends on the Oregon Coast. There were eight of us at first, but we lost one along the way. Literally. He disappeared and has never resurfaced. The remaining seven have been reuniting each summer since the early nineties after we all finished school/military/whatever and moved to Washington, Maryland, Ohio, Colorado and Illinois (those two stayed close to the old home town). Much of the time, we all made it to the reunions. But sometimes one or more of us couldn’t make it for a variety of reasons.

Still, we kept the tradition alive. Young at heart, young forever.

Next year, we will return to our hometown for our 50 year high school reunion. So this year was the lead up to that. Everyone was coming out except for the one who won’t fly and won’t leave home except for short distance. (I didn’t say we were normal guys; I just said we were close friends.) So five were set to come here. Then one discovered he had skin cancer issues that required surgery and a period of recover, and he was out. Then another got sick the night before leaving, and he was out. A third delayed his arrival so his wife could join us.

We were down to three. We talked about the others and we talked about ourselves – mostly in terms of how our health had deteriorated and we weren’t who we once were.

We had become our fathers.


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  1. I love Terry Brooks and this post is a big part of why. Even when writing about a true event he manages to capture the wistful reminiscence of days gone by. I am only nearing my 20th year away from high school and can only say I wish I had the type of friends he speaks of.

  2. I am glad you are looking forward to coming back to good ol’Illinois. “Mile After Magnificent Mile”, as they say now. Enjoy coming back to Sterling! I will also be somewhere in Illinois, languishing away my hours at college depressed I could not make the trip to see you. Ever. 🙁

  3. it was so powerful and strong! and sad at the same time! but none the less it was so lovely Terry!!! i got teary eye! It’s good you have a pack of friends like that.

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