Contest: Read The Measure of the Magic Early!

Forthcoming: August 23rd!
It’s contest time!

If the two different excerpts from The Measure of the Magic didn’t satiate and you want to read the forthcoming conclusion to the Legends of Shannara duology in its entirety several weeks before publication, Terry and Del Rey Books have a contest for you!

Three lucky winners will receive finished hardcover copies of The Measure of the Magic weeks before it is published!

How do you enter? It’s really simple. Just fill out the information below and submit it to Terry before July 16. The three random winners will be announced on July 18 via Terry’s Facebook and Twitter!

That’s it! Can’t get much simpler than that. Fill in the form below and be sure to join Terry’s Facebook and Twitter presences. You might be one of the lucky winners!

Contest Form:


Good luck to everyone! The information sent will not be used for a purpose other than this contest. Only US residents may enter (yes, I know this sucks international fans, but these copies are being given away by the US publisher and they can’t legally infringe on other countries’ publishers’ rights). And remember! The Measure of the Magic will be published by Terry Brooks and Del Rey Books on August 23, 2011!

The Knights of the Word will never be the same again…

41 responses to “Contest: Read The Measure of the Magic Early!”

  1. I went to a bookstore a couple of years ago and the owner told me about a book by terry brooks so I bought one and was hooked, the elfstones I think, when I want to escape the real world I pick up one of his books, I would like to have all the books that he has written, Awsome Author.I

    • i know just what you mean! i have all the shannara books to date, and most of the landover books, as well. many moons ago i was working at a local photo center and i had a customer of mine bring me the sword of shannara. i blew through all 726 pages in under 3 days – absolutely could NOT put it down! at the time it didn’t even occur to me that if you were to add an “e” to the end of shannara it becomes my name … but i was hooked and when i finished the series (at the time 8 books in all) i went online and found hardcover versions (first eds where possible). years later the series now totals more than 20 books and i’m still just as addicted as ever!

    • So, once upon a time, long ago, I was reading Stephen R. Donaldson’s Lord Fouls Bane. At the end of the book was an advertisement for a yet-to-be published book… The Sword of Shanara. It sounded so cool, I pre-ordered it.

      When it finally arrived, with its beautiful Bro’s Hildebrandt cover, I was not disappointed. 🙂 I read that book to the point that it, literally, fell apart in my hands (fortunately, I bought a newer copy, for Terry to sign). And, I continue to read each new volume.

      Some day, I’d love to see Shannara done up right as a movie….

  2. Elfstones of Shannara was the first Terry Brooks novel I read. Since then I have boughtl the complete Shannara series and a couple other of his books. I love his way of storytelling and the connections made from the first book to the last. Can’t wait to read whats next. Please keep them comming, they are also my way of escaping for a couple hours a day.

  3. I am very sad to see that I am not entitled to enter this contest. I have been reading Terry’s books for close to 25 years and would have loved to been given the opportunity. Too bad for those of us international followers. :o(


  4. My first read was The Sword of Shannara back in the mid ’90s. I have been reading Terry’s works ever since. I am a proud owner of his entire catalog, (except Landover). I have recently gotten into the Word & Void books and will have to say, it has definitely sewn some loose ends with the Shannara books. It is amazing how everything kinda ties in together. Pre-Great Wars and Post-Great Wars. Terry is an exceptional writer and has an amazing ability to awe his followers. I am counting the days until Measure of the Magic is released. The end of Bearers of the Black Staff has left me on the edge of my seat for the last few weeks. COME ON AUGUST 23RD!!!!!!

  5. I have enjoyed reading Terry’s books since the first one was published in 1977 I still have my copy of the Sword from then and have hard covers of all the other books he has published.
    This would be a great birthday present.

  6. And you know I gotta enter this, I’m already impatiently awaiting the release!! Cannot WAIT!! We <3 you Terry (and you, too, Shawn – thanks for this!!!)

  7. I have read Terry’s books for so long and I know now what the Knights of the Word have evolved into. They became the Druids. Allanon, the Druid I remember best from the very beginning carried a Black Staff! How the Druids came about had to be because they were once Knights of the Word, but their purpose would change over time. That is my revelation. Now, whether it is accurate or not, only Terry can tell. :-))

  8. OMG, thats crazy teazing us!! like this I’m gona bust wide open, but cool to offer the contest! Thanks Yaw!! 😀

  9. Been reading Terry’s books since 1977. Still have them all and started reading the Sword again. Just being careful with the big paperback. One day I’ll find the hardcover…

    • My best friend in high scholl gave me a paperback of “Sword” for Christmas in 1978; I’ve been a fan ever since.

      I found a BCE hardcover of “Sword” at a used bookstore about six years ago, cost me about $10. It was the final find to complete my hardcover collection. (I found most of them on ebay and Terry did a book signing in my hometown when “Armageddon’s Children” came out, and he very graciously signed all of my Shannara series.

      I read “Sword” to my eleven-year old at bedtime over about two months; he’s now hooked and is in the middle of “Elfstones”.

  10. as a 22 year old in todays society had lost interest in reading,that is until i found the genisis of shannara and my love of books was rekindled,am almost finished bearers of the black staff and cant wait for the measure of magic

  11. It’s not anything you can rely on, and it doesn’t happen every year, but the Del Rey booth at the Star Wars Celebration is one way to read through the latest Terry Brooks novel before it is published. I got to do that with Bearers of the Black Staff last year, while most other fans were focusing on purely Star Wars stuff.

  12. =( I can’t enter because I live in Canada! I’ve read almost the whole Shannara series except for the new ones coming out.

  13. I remember being 14 back in ’77 and hearing the radio commercials for Sword on my favorite station (102.7 for you NewYork area people). I had just finished reading the Tolkien books, and found to my delight, that Terry Brooks was a worthy successor. Haven’t been able to get enough since. The selfish part of me wishes he would publish every month, but the sane side of me loves the wait. Thanks for all the awesome work, Terry.

  14. The first book I read by Terry Brooks was the Sword of Shannara, Which my english teacher Mrs. Monroe loaned to me. That was 26 years ago, and I have been a fan ever since, often re-reading all of the books every 2 years or so. Thank you Mr.Brooks for providing a wonderful, vibrant, different world in which to escape to every so often. You are truly a virtuoso and master of your art.

  15. Love Terry’s work, his way of story telling is compelling and intriging, so many times I find it difficult to set his book down when I have other things that need to be attended too,, I do have to say that the dragon from the last book,, Is that in any way Strabo,, I mean he can go any where he wants !!!! What a excellent way to tie three series together ….

  16. My mom read The Sword of Shannara when she was 17, and has followed Terry since. More than 30 years later, they’re still her favorite books, and mine as well. I read them when I was 14, about 6 years ago. I hope my future kids can enjoy his books the way my mom and I have.

  17. I have read Terry’s books for many years. My now 21 year old son reads them too – many of his friends think he is odd because he actually reads printed books! The Sword of Shannara as well as Wishsong and Elfstones are so worn, they need to be replaced – to me re-reading books is like visiting old friends!

  18. I Never liked to read until i sat down with a copy of te Sword of Shannara. Many years later, I have every book ever published by Terry Brooks, some signed, most not. I wait like a little kid a Christmas for the new releases. Please keep up the good writing so we can all escape reality, at least for a little while.

  19. I’m confused about the addresses. I put down the road I live on but not the state, town, or zip code by accident. Does that matter, or should I put another entry with those missing pieces in?

  20. started reading terry when i was 18 now i am 40 love reading his books have them all.The only thing i don’t like is waiting for the new one to come out.thank u terry for the hours of entertainment. PS glad to see lanover series is still going keep them coming.

  21. I so agree with Lee. As for me, about 1980 I found a market copy of “The Sword of Shannara” sitting on a table in the ship’s lounge aboard a Navy ship that I was stationed on.
    Needless to say, I could not put it down. It was to first book I have ever read of that size in which I finished reading in less than three days. This time frame also includes a very busy work schedule.
    As of this date, I have read every single one of the Shannara books and wait impatiently for “The Measure of Magic”. I have also read all but one of The Magic Kingdom series.
    Wonderful work Mr. Brooks.
    All I need to happen now is have a chance to meet Terry in person. Alas I do not live anywhere near any of his visiting sites. Oh well. Maybe someday.

  22. The year was 1977,and I was 14. A boy I liked was reading the Sword of Shannara, and to get him to notice me, I picked up a copy and started reading it too…. To make a long story short, the boy is LONG gone, but Terry has been with me ever since. I have all my original copies, and am now trying to get them all signed. I have addicted my children to the World of Shannnara and Landover as well. If you read this Terry – thank you for always being there for an at times awkward teenager of the 70s. Shannara was always my perfect escape! (and still is!).

  23. I love Terry’s books. I was going through a really tough period in my life, my husband had just passed away….we were all struggling, I was trying to keep my head together for the kids….so a good friend of mine brought me 2 of his books….she told me to read them that she thought that I might like them now…..I had never read ANYTHING like them before……I loved it….I couldn’t stop reading……I felt like by reading about Terry’s world it took some of the pain away for a little while. The books took me out of my world, I could actually see the people. Thank you Terry….you don’t know it but you got me past a really tough time. Can’t wait for the new one. My new husband and I have both said that we would like to meet someone like you. Thanks so much

  24. I am so excited about this. I stared reading Terry Brooks about 9 years ago and I have been a book addict ever since. I am trying to be a collector and have a hardcover/first edition of every book I can.

  25. Shannara and Landover series are adored my me. I don’t read science fiction very much, so I haven’t read the Star Wars. My mom had Sword of Shannara when I was a teenager. I wasn’t an avid reader then and stop it reading a 1/4 of the way through. A couple years later started the book the from the beginning and I’ve read Fantasy ever since! Ihave 2 favorite authors and 1 is you! Thank you Terry Brooks, for allowing me to lose myself alittle each day!

  26. I remember seeing a copy of my first Terry Brooks novel over at a friend’s house, The Talisman Of Shannara, and I read it. Little did I realize that it was actually the fourth book in a series, so I had to hunt them down in my library and read those other three. Man, I felt weird about that. LOL! But my favorite book has to be Sword Of Shannara. In my opinion, it is Terry’s finest work as a writer. 🙂

  27. The first Terry Brooks Book that i read was the Gypsy Morph and then i read Bearers Of the black staff and im waiting for the measure of the magic

  28. Mr. Livingston… Stop waiting for MotM and got pick up the Sword of Shannara or First King of Shannara! The entire series ties into Genesis of Shannara trilogy.

    My grandmother used to work at a Goodwill and one day brought me a copy of the Sword of Shannara when I was 13. Fifteen years later I’m still hooked and Terry Brooks is still my favorite author. I’d LOVE to be able to read Measure of the Magic early, but I’d be buying a copy regardless of if I won. Gotta support what you love and his books would be a bargain at any price. Being from an area near where Mr. Brooks lives gives me the added enjoyment of seeing places I’ve lived in and visited pop up in his books.

  29. I started reading the Shannara series in 1981 when was 21 and have never stopped. I will never stop as long as Terry Brooks keeps writing.

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