BrooksBlog: Shawn & His Other Parents

Talked to Shawn at length this past week. He is undergoing cancer treatment for the second time, doing well, staying strong. But it’s not easy, and I think about those of us – many, I hope – who have been lucky enough to escape that experience. My sister had extensive chemo and radiation a few years back. So did Judine in the early 1990s. Very hard to go through and not much fun to watch happen to someone you love. Anyway, about Shawn. We call ourselves his Second Parents, spares in case he misplaces his real parents. Good to have spares. But we are close to him for a number of reasons beside the obvious business relationship, and we worry about him the same way we worry about our other kids. Other than myself and one or two of the rest of you who have memorized my books, no one knows more of the details and specifics than Shawn. I rely on him to catch mistakes in continuity and description that even my editor might miss because I’ve only been with her for about 10 of my 34 years with Del Rey. So there is Shawn, always ready to catch me when I fall, always there to keep me focused when it comes to the website and the fans, always thinking of new ways to make my professional life easier and better. So he’s a friend, sure. But more than that he is great and a wonderful piece of good luck, and I keep him in my heart.

Written by Terry Brooks
I am the author of the Shannara, Landover, and Word/Void series, as well as Star Wars: The Phantom Menace and Street Freaks. I love to write, read, and travel. For more information about me, you can read my writing guide/memoir, Sometimes the Magic Works.