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Woke this morning early, as always, and trudged down to the writing room to begin work. Outside it was gray and raining, a day that seems more like Fall or Winter than Summer. Funny thing is, I don’t mind days like this. They don’t depress me or make me irritable. “Rainy Days & Mondays Don’t Always Get Me Down.” “Raindrops Can Keep Falling On My Head As Much As They Want.” I work better on days like this. Maybe it’s because they seem to limit my options or give me an excuse to closet myself away and just write. I still remember when I was a lawyer and working 8-5 and fighting to find time to write. Now, I have all the time I need and then some. But I still like gloomy days and the freedom they offer. I had a close friend move to Washington State some years back from Colorado. He and his wife lasted about 2 years before moving back. Too gray, not enough sun. Think about how the weather affects us. Maybe it’s all about what we are used to and maybe it’s just what we need at a particular time in our lives. But I look around the country, and while there is much to admire everywhere I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else but here. Guess that’s a good thing, Martha.

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  1. I am another one of those crazies that loves rain and especially clouds. i lived in the desert area for years and was so happy to get back to the west side of Washington state i love the weather here.

  2. I used to live in the Pacific Northwest, but work required that I move back East. Retirement is just around the corner, and I am looking forward to moving back. Grey days are great for doing certain things, and when the weather is clear(er), it made me appreciate the area even more.

  3. Today autumn weather in the netherlands: horizontal sheets of rain, hard winds, dark…
    Keeps me longing for reading druid travelling through dark woods in harsh weather chased some unknown evil, by the fireplace. Then reality hits me. My daughter (one year) cries for food……

  4. Days like that make me want to cocoon, wrap up in winter woolies and drink hot chocolate. Wonderful for writing!

  5. Rainy weather is certainly good for reading. One wonders. Does rainy or cloudy weather impact the tone of stories or settings for stories being written?

  6. Sometime I love rainy days (especially for reading) but I don’t know if I could live with them as often as you have them in the northern US. Then again, my day job is in an office in the center of a building and thus has no windows, which is ultimately more depressing than bad weather.

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