Another Contest: The Measure of the Magic

Coming August 23!
Due to a massive error with the Terry Brooks newsletter, Terry and I have decided to have another contest!

Three lucky winners will receive finished hardcover copies of The Measure of the Magic!

How do you enter? It’s really simple. Just fill out the information below and submit it to Terry before August 15.

The three random winners will be announced on August 16 via Terry’s Facebook and Twitter!

That’s it! Can’t get much simpler than that. Fill in the form below and be sure to join Terry’s Facebook and Twitter presences. You might be one of the lucky winners!

Contest Form:


Good luck to everyone! The information sent will not be used for a purpose other than this contest. Only US residents may enter (yes, I know this sucks international fans, but these copies are being given away by the US publisher and they can’t legally infringe on other countries’ publishers’ rights). And remember! The Measure of the Magic will be published this month by Terry Brooks and Del Rey Books on August 23, 2011!

The Knights of the Word will never be the same again…

37 responses to “Another Contest: The Measure of the Magic”

  1. Whoops, i was that keen to enter the contest i submitted my details before reading this; “Only US residents may enter”! I understand the reason why but it still “sucks” big time for us international readers/fans.
    Side note – I’ve been reading Mr. Brooks’ books since the early 80’s!

  2. Good luck to all!!
    I do hope to win one of these times….. but no matter what I will be buying each book as it is released if I don’t win.

  3. This is fun! Of course I’d love to be one of three, but I’m happy all the same. I’ll have my own copy one way or another;-) Rock on, Mr. Brooks!

  4. Doesn’t matter whether I win the contest or buy the book from a book store , I’m having this book for sure .

  5. These Books have all been absolutely amazing! Oh what i would give to get one of those copies! Are they signed by Terry Brooks?

  6. I’m still in possession of the first book, May 1977 (third) printing. It has split apart in the middle, probably where the poster by the Brothers Hildebrandt was glued. Bought it in college. Got married, and my wife became a fan(atic).

    • I loved that poster! It hung on my wall from fourth grade until it fell down when I got to eighth! I still remember the looks on the elven princes faces, leaning on their bows, and how tough Hendel looked to me. I have read every word Terry has written since 1977 and that was the genesis! Thanks for the memory!

  7. It would be so awesome to win one of these, and especially to be able to get it before seeing him at DragonCon again this year! I’m so glad he’s coming back!! Does anyone know if he’ll be reading again this year? If so would it be an excerpt from this one? Thanks 🙂

  8. Cant wait wish he would come to the mid west though i,ve read everything since the 80s PLEASE COME TO THE TOLEDO OHIO area or some where near here Please write more

  9. Started with the Sword of S. when I was in the military. Been hooked ever since. Got my son to read the Knight series and hope to get all my 8 Grandkids started on Terry’s writings. Maybe I’ll get lucky & get a book from the contest. Jim

  10. As a few others, I have just discovered that as a NZ resident I can’t enter the competition. It is not fair!!!!!!

  11. Ihave all of terry’s books in hard cover andhave a hard time waiting for the new one to come out it is because of him that I have been writing my own book which I have been working on for three years now

  12. Like EVERYBODY else I would LOVE to win this. But win or not I’ll buy a copy @ our local Barnes & Noble . Also it would be GREAT if Terry would ever tour Kansas. Like that’s ever going to happen. Be that as it may, I’ve been an avid fan for the last few years when I “discovered” the Shannara series and that will NEVER change. Be Well & TY to Terry for another A$$ kicking book.

  13. I have read and loved Terry Brooks since I bought hi first book, back in the real early 80’s! I have all his books in Hard Cover and mostly signed. Years ago all my books were stolen and much much more, during one of my long hospital stays, and I have hunted down and bought every book again! Mostly signed! I wish I could meet Mr. Brooks in person! One day perhaps??? Dreams do come true from time to time!

  14. I’ve read every book Mr. Brooks has ever written, so when I saw a new one was on it’s way my heart smiled!! Cannot wait to read this new adventure! Thank you so much for writing such addictive books!

  15. I have read every shannara novel also. The series setting is a wonderous place, and I have enjoyed all its characters. Continue writing Terry and I will continue to collect each novel. Good luck to everyone. Again, thanks Terry!!

  16. Really would love to win, but I will be buying a signed copy reguardless. I have 4 other books signed. The only book that I dont own is Hook, sorry Terry just couldnt do it….

  17. Terry Brooks is the reason I started reading books before my big brother got me to read the sword of shanara omnibus I had honestly only read like three books the full way through, it would be brilliant to get the new one there awesome

  18. Thanks for doing another contest. Will winners be posted on here soon too or only on Facebook and Twitter?

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