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Most of you know how to handle yourselves at one of my book signings when it comes to asking for bunches of signatures on bunches of books. But let’s go over it one more time along with a few other suggestions that will help both the bookstore people and your tired old author.

  • When you have a large number of books, always wait until the end of the line. Or, in the alternative, ask for three to be signed and then go back through the line. But be considerate of those who have only a single book, or who have a small child or baby, or who appear to need some help due to age or infirmity, and let them go ahead. You know, basic manners.
  • If you have a lot of old books, don’t be afraid to ask me to sign them. I have a policy of doing so. But I will probably only sign most of them, particularly paperbacks, because there is only so much time to work with at these events, and I have be judicious in choosing how many I will personalize.
  • Write your name on a slip of paper so I don’t have to ask how to spell it, etc. Usually, the store provides post-its for this. It really helps move things along and lets me take more time for visiting. Please don’t write down things for me to put in the book. If you want something special, tell me. I like to improvise, not copy.
  • Using the dust jacket, flap the book to the title page. I always sign there.
  • If you have a question that didn’t get answered during the discussion or that you wanted to ask privately, ask it here. I will take time to give the best answer I can.
  • If you want to take a picture, do so. If you want to take a picture with me, that’s fine. When you check it out later, I will be the short, ugly one.
  • Don’t give me things to read that you have written. I am on the road and it is hard enough lugging myself around. I don’t usually read other people’s works anyway. I just don’t have the time or energy. Best to inquire through the website or by snail mail to the drop box. If you absolutely cannot stand waiting, give me six pages. No promises on when or if you will hear back.
  • Please have a good time. I do these events only because I think you are enjoying them. If you are not, I will give it up. That time is coming, anyway.

Thanks for your consideration. As Judine always says, “You have the best fans ever.” True, dat.

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  1. Terry, thanks for that because if you ever do make it near Wisconsin, Chicago or your hometown of Sterling again, I will be the guy in the back with a suitcase of your life’s work in harcover 1/1 editions. Ok, not all of them, I have some signed already, but I can think of at least 20 that aren’t.

    Safety and Health to you on your tour this year!

  2. I still hope that you will some day soon come to the Coachella Valley (Palm Springs Ca. area). I and many other fans here will be very “Grateful” when that day comes. Go Terry!!

  3. I will probably never be at the right place or time to receive your signature which doesn’t really matter. You just keep using that wonderful mind of yours to put words on paper and I will keep smiling.

  4. Terry, I agree with Judine. You do have the best fans and I am one of them 🙂 You are by far, the most patient and classy author out there at your signing events and meet/greets. You took the time to sign a whole pile of your older, more valuable works that I compiled through out 25 years of collecting. Your sense of humor and wit also make you very fun to be around! I hope you have a good time on your tour and I can’t wait to read The Measure of the Magic next week!

  5. Thank you for continuing to come out and spend time with us fans. I have looked forward to August for the last few years hoping to see you. I just got home from the Cedar Hills (Or) reading and signing and already looking forward to the next time.

    Safe travels and happy writing..

  6. I hope one day you’ll be book signing in the UK – Dorset preferably! 🙂 Absolutely love your books you are a wonderful genius.

  7. Thanks for another great signing at Powells last night! It is always such a pleasure to see you and get a photo .Looking foward to next time!

  8. Dear Terry, I live in Philly…and your closest booksigning is 400 miles from me. Is there any chance you can make another signing date near the Philadelphia area? If not, its cool…guess i’ll see ya never =[

    • Sorry, John, but Terry’s tour is set. I would suggest seeing him though if you can. He’s traveling more than 5000 miles once he gets up to New England. Surely you can travel 500. 🙂

  9. Thank you for posting this information. I have never gone to an author signing and was wondering about the appropriate protocol. Just to clarify: it is alright to bring all my Shannara books (I have 20) to hopefully get signed? Some of these I’ve had for over 20 years 🙂 I know I’ll have to wait till everyone else has gone through. I live in the Northeast and have never had the chance to get any of them signed. Also, I’m rather strange in the fact that I don’t necessarily want them personalized. To me this just seems to take away something from the book by seeing my name plastered on the title page. I guess I would rather see Terry’s name and the date I actually got to meet him. However, I know there could be a perception that the books are then to be sold as “collector’s items” as happens often with sports signatures. How does he feel about just signing his name/ date? Thank you for any and all your help. I am really looking forward to actually meeting one of my favorite authors!!

    p.s. He is still coming to Concord, NH?

  10. I just wanted to post my thoughts after attending Terry’s book signing in Concord, NH.

    I came away very impressed. I drove over 3 hours, with my wife and daughter in tow, to see him and was not disappointed. Terry is a personable and patient individual. He read from his new Shannara book coming next year and I can’t wait! He talked to the crowd about a few surprises with the 35th anniversary of Shannara coming next year as well. I won’t disclose what they are but I was very excited and pleased to hear him state that this was for his readers. After some questions from the audience, in which he gave very constructive and funny answers, everyone lined up to meet him and get their books signed. Since I had brought my entire 20 book Shannara collection with me, my family and I waited patiently at the end of the line. When our turn finally came Terry was just as friendly, open, and eager to talk as he was for the first person in line. He gladly signed all my books and chatted for a good while. Terry went out of his way to thank me for being a reader of his work and traveling to see him. He seems to really appreciate his “fans” and made sure I personally knew this. Wow, it was refreshing! He even brought my wife and daughter into the conversation even after he found out they had not read his work (I’m trying to remedy this!). My wife came away from the entire experience very impressed and now is interested in his writing. Even though she knows little of the world of Shannara she stated that his presentation, Q&A, and the individual meeting to sign books was interesting and informative and kept her interest. All in all, we had a wonderful time and my family and I walked away with smiles on our faces and a new found appreciation for Terry Brooks.

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