In Stores Now: The Measure of the Magic

In Stores Now!

Today, August 23rd, is the US release day for The Measure of the Magic by Terry Brooks!

It means, as of today, that the Legends of Shannara duology is now complete. Fans can read both Bearers of the Black Staff and The Measure of the Magic and have a complete and satisfying story.

If you are going to buy the book, try to buy it this week. The sales go toward Terry’s placement on the New York Times bestseller list and we obviously want him to hit as high on the list possible! Go Terry!

And not only that, but Terry is touring. Click HERE to view those tour dates!

Happy reading, everyone! By the end of the week I’ll have a spoiler post created so you all can talk about the books with freedom! More soon!

Written by Shawn Speakman
I am the long-time friend and webmaster for Terry Brooks as well as the author of The Dark Thorn, an urban/epic fantasy hybrid novel Terry calls "a fine tale by a talented writer." Join me on Facebook and Twitter (@shawnspeakman)!