In Stores Now: The Measure of the Magic

In Stores Now!
Today, August 23rd, is the US release day for The Measure of the Magic by Terry Brooks!

It means, as of today, that the Legends of Shannara duology is now complete. Fans can read both Bearers of the Black Staff and The Measure of the Magic and have a complete and satisfying story.

If you are going to buy the book, try to buy it this week. The sales go toward Terry’s placement on the New York Times bestseller list and we obviously want him to hit as high on the list possible! Go Terry!

And not only that, but Terry is touring. Click HERE to view those tour dates!

Happy reading, everyone! By the end of the week I’ll have a spoiler post created so you all can talk about the books with freedom! More soon!

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  1. My fiancee just went to pick it up for me in Nashville and they said it isn’t released for another week? 🙁

      • Shawn – I had the same problem at a Barnes and Nobles in FL. I was very firm that the book *was* out as of 08/23/11, so much so that they stopped and looked again. It turned out they were looking at the release date for the audio cd instead, so this may be what is causing the confusion in the stores. Needless to say, I got my copy and am a currently happy reader.

  2. I just got a Barnes & Noble Nook last week and downloaded M.O.M. at lunch yesterday. Already on Chapter 7. I do miss the hardback book a little bit, but I am glad I could get the book so quickly without having to go to the bookstore (which is 20 miles away from the town I live in). Great read so far!

    • Hey Matt. How is the Nook? I have been thinking about getting, one but do not wish to rush into it without further research.

      • I got my Nook a couple months ago, and I love it. I don’t get quite the same enjoyment as holding a nice hard cover book, but if get a good cover its great for folks who travel alot, etc.

      • Reply to Mark W:

        The Nook is great! I do agree with Josh that in a way you miss the hardcover, but I really love it overall. Easy to use, wonderful to read on. I did a lot of research and compared to Kindle and am glad I made the choice I did. The biggest advantage is you have Barnes & Noble behind it and access to all of their books.

        I am thankful Terry and his publisher make his books available in this format. Some others authors (i.e., J.K. Rowling – Harry Potter) do not publish in this format. I got Nook v2 because I like to simply read books. Nook color is a step up in cost and is more for if you like to read more than just books (i.e., magazines, etc.)

        I hope this helps. Take care. Matt

        • I thank you for the input. I just realized the real negative about the Nook. You cannot get it autographed by any authors.

          • Mark W.:

            No problem. I hope it was helpful.

            I agree that not being able to get a signed copy is a definite disadvantage for the e-books. I was forunate enough to meet Terry at a signing in Memphis, TN in fall 2003 and he graciously signed my hardback copies of Ilse Witch, Antrax, Morgawr and omnibus Sword Trilogy hardback. (These are, needless to say, prized possessions for sure!!)

            Take care fellow Terry Brooks fans!

  3. This release is the hardcover release I assume? Any date on paperback release? Just bought Bearer of the Black Staff and it sure sucks having to wait for part two! I own all the Shannara books in paperback.

  4. Ok, I pre-ordered a signed copy from the Signed Page so I know I won’t get it until next week and that’s ok but I wanted to know if those pre-orders count toward sales for the NYT Best sellers list?

    IF not then I guess I might as well start my vacation out right and buy another copy on Friday! I love summer and a new Terry Brooks book! Then after I read it, I will be selling it on EBay real cheap so those of you who want to save some monwy and get an actual hardcover instead of waiting for paper back keep your eye out for the Spyder.

  5. Hi, does anyone know when it will be released in Europe? More specifically Denmark? I was looking forward to the 23. and just realized it was only in the US.

  6. I am a huge Terry Brooks fan… but I cant wait till he goes back to stories involving Paranor, druids, actually fighting scenes that last longer than a page, etc. Measure of Magic was the worst book he has ever published in my personal opinion. Here’s hoping next years book is a good one

    • I was hoping not to hear that from anyone!.. I don’t get my copy till next weekend. But I am finding it hard to get through Bearers of the black Staff. I am always so excited to get back to his stories in every free minute I have, but with Bearers I am only reading it at night before bed and just can’t seem to get into it.. I am not a big fan of this book and was hoping Measure was gonna pick up the pace a bit. But I am still a huge Brooks fan. 🙂

    • I believe that this is wonderful work that Terry does. As long as he keeps writing, he will never disappoint me. He has always kept my attention with a story, and it is always interesting. Thank you again Terry.

  7. Just finished “The Measure of the Magic”. Like the rest… excellent. i realy think the Word versus the Void saga’s are the best of all.

    • It is. For the moment. I have to ship out all of the books that have been ordered. Then I only have a few copies left, but Terry will be signing more when he returns from his tour — sometime in mid-September. Stay tuned!

      • why did Brooks end the Measure of The Magic like that? It begs for a third book for the series to have a proper ending. What is up with that? I am totally disappointed. Too many questions yet left unanswered. Again…

      • Do you know if he is going to the Hawaiian islands anytime
        soon? Would really like to get a signed book from him. Big
        big fan of his forever.

    • Orbit Books is releasing the book on September 1st. Other than that, you will have to check your local bookstore for an answer. Terry isn’t sent release dates for international books.

  8. What’s the ‘signed page’? How can I get a signed copy of the book myself? Does it cost more for the book signed by Brooks? Man, wished I knew about this. I’ve been a fan since the 70’s.

    • The Signed Page is a website that helps people get signed and personalized books for a reasonable price. I’ve started charging an additional $5 on top of cover price since I got cancer and need to pay my bills somehow. The Measure of the Magic was up for four months but has been taken down since Terry signed on Sunday. When he gets back after his tour, he will sign again. So keep an eye out on the website for when the order period goes live.

  9. Just finished the book and Loved it! I’ve been an avid Terry Brooks reader since I was 13 and can’t wait to see what else he’s got in store for his readers!

  10. Terry got me into reading as a kid and my Sons into it and he never fails the magic. MOM finally had some new magic uses I’ve been waiting for and that understanding of the connections of the past. I have mixed feelings on some of the lack of longer personal fighting using the magic and those big war scenes like others do. But I guess the start of it all has to be tempered some for a buildup of the next books I hope!

  11. Well today is a most wonderful day in the world of Terry Brooks. I received my signed copies of “The Bearer of the Black Staff” and “The Measure of the Magic” and now I may finally get updated on my reading. Thank you Shawn for “The Signed Page” and to Terry for all of the great books that he has written. Now for next year and “The Legacy of Shannara. Hip, hip, Hurray!!!

  12. Have just finished reading The Measure of the Magic. Brilliant! What happens next, I can’t wait to find out what happens to Panterra Qu and the rest of th gang. Has really inspired me to read his earlier books. Just love Terry’s writing.

  13. I cant wait to start reading my copy, I just love the way Terry’s stories just envelope you and leave you wanting more… All the best Terry keep up the great work..

  14. This is the -first- time, ever, that I have missed purchasing one of Mr. Brooks books on the day of release. I -must- get it as soon as possible!

  15. I’ve been reading brooks since ’91 and loved every minute. Have to get them down and start at the beginning again.

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