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Years ago, I wrote the first book in an epic fantasy trilogy titled Song of the Fell Hammer. It was great fun. Many of you followed my writing diary while I wrote the 200,000 words that comprise the novel because I have been Terry’s webmaster for 12 years and you were undoubtedly curious if I could pull off a publishing deal.

The support you sent my way was more than I deserve and I’ve ever been grateful for it.

But after going through multiple submissions to NYC publishers in 2008, Song of the Fell Hammer was roundly rejected. I was told by many agents and editors that it was too epic fantasy at a time when urban fantasy was really taking off. Quite possibly due to timing or the merits of the book itself, the book didn’t stand a chance.

I chalked it up as a first book, a learning book—and went on to write my second book, The Dark Thorn.

Now I’ve been forced to look at Song of the Fell Hammer again in the weirdest of ways. When I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma two months ago, I applied for a medical grant from the Haven Foundation. It is an organization—created by Stephen King—that helps freelance writers and artists in dire need who do not have medical insurance. I’m in such a need, obviously.

In an odd set of events that resulted in talking to King’s sister-in-law, however, the professional freelance work I do for Terry, author Naomi Novik, and for Random House does not qualify me for the grant.

A self-published book on the Kindle, Nook or other eReaders does though. It’s a strange world we live in.

Therefore, I’ve put Song of the Fell Hammer back up on the Kindle. It will soon be on the Nook. I’m not pleased about having to do so—The Dark Thorn is a superior book in every way and I’d much rather you all read that instead—but I have to qualify for the Haven Foundation grant now and one of my books has to be available for live download. Since The Dark Thorn is in the middle of a professional edit, I have to fall back on Song of the Fell Hammer as the book I list.

The good news is my artist friend, the awesome Todd Lockwood, offered to supply cover art for the book. I think it’s gorgeous.

In short, until I hear from Haven Foundation, Song of the Fell Hammer will be up and available for download. Once I hear from Haven, it will likely be taken back down again although I do feel like I owe many of you who followed my writing that book. It’s now up to you. If you are an eReader fan and looking for an inexpensive epic fantasy to read, Song of the Fell Hammer might be for you.

HERE is the direct link to the book’s Kindle page on Amazon. HERE is a direct link to the Nook edition.

Read an excerpt from the book before buying it. See if it is to your liking. If it is, then buy the book. And write an honest review of it.

And feel free to post any questions here about Song of the Fell Hammer, the craft of writing, the publishing industry, or anything else you’d like to discuss. I’m at your disposal!

UPDATE – September 13, 2011:

Some news I should share with you all. I am in remission. I had a PET scan two weeks ago and the tumors that were in both sides of my neck, in my abdomen, and in my spleen are now no longer there. I’m not out of the woods yet though. There can still be cancer cells running around my body and, in an attempt to kill them as well, I still must undergo at least three more chemotherapy sessions.

Still, I can handle three. I’m fatigued more and more each day but as I’ve said in the past I’m a bastard. Terry would agree with that assessment. Ha! And I will see this to the finish line—and hopefully lead a far quieter life ahead.

Thank you to everyone who has either given me well wishes, has purchased Song of the Fell Hammer, or both. The reviews have done a lot to bolster my spirit these last six weeks. Several hundred of you have bought it; some have even liked it. Would love to see more reviews posted of it though, so if you’ve read it take the time to write a review. All I ask for is honesty. Cheers to health!

Terry, Judine and a mostly hairless Shawn – August 28, 2011

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      • Shawn, I’ve been reading Terry’s books for many years now. Best of luck in your battle. I’ve downloaded your book, and am looking forward to reading it. My wife enjoys teasing me, if I don’t have one of my guitars or a mandolin in my hands, I’ll have a book. We’ll be praying for you here.

      • Hey, is there any chance it be available for droid downloads? I’d love to read it.
        – Dep. Stephen Thibault

  1. Shawn-Sometimes things happen in the strangest ways. I am glad you have, “Song of The Fell Hammer”, available to help you qualify for the Haven Foundation! Perhaps it will inspire you to rewrite it as many authors have done before. I intend to buy it and The Dark Thorn. Thank you & Good look in your journey.

    • Yeah, I’m scared I just gave myself more work, Lorrie, because if I go into FELL HAMMER I have no doubt I’ll start rewriting. haha It’s the name of the game. At least THE DARK THORN is keeping my busy at the moment.

  2. Hey man, bought your book just now. Wish there was something more to do . . . I’ve been a quiet presence with you, watching the site grow for years. I look forward to reading Song of the Fell Hammer. Look forward to your other work and to your swift recovery, as well. Godspeed, Shawn.

  3. I can’t wait to read it! I have to wait for it on the Nook though. Good luck with the grant!

  4. Like so many who have followed you over the years, I am excited to read your book.
    In a strange way, it’s because through your emails and blogs many of us feel we kind of know you. Like a friend from school that you don’t hang out with now, but are always interested in knowing what they are up to now.

    Keep strong Shawn. You have so many people in the wide world who support your efforts and wish you nothing but the best.

    • It’s still strange having such a network of people around me, people I haven’t met. For instance, I had a few people find me at Comic Con this year. I didn’t know them. They hunted me out. It was unexpected and fun at the same time. I like nothing more than to chat with Terry Brooks fans. He has the best fans in the world.

  5. Man. Sean, you’re like the solid rock of online fantasy sites and this news is absolutely devastating. I’m not a praying person but you’re in my thoughts and I’ll definitely pick up your book come payday. Hell, maybe you’ll sell so many copies you won’t end up needing the grant. (lolz and knock on wood) Please don’t go crazy with editing, stress is the last thing you need right now. You’re in my family’s thoughts.

  6. Shawn, I’ll buy your book “Song of the Fell Hammer” any time again. I read it the first time you’d made it available and liked it very much, including the writing style. The cover is beautiful. I’m also looking forward to reading “Dark Thorn.”
    Hopefully, you’ll receive the grant and the treatment will be successful. Wishing you all the magic in the world.
    All the best. Gabriele

  7. Looking forward to reading the book, like the cover and I am amassing some reviews as I get my own book review website up and running.

    Good luck with the grant and with your health. Thanks for all you do for Terry and keeping us updated on him as well!

  8. Downloaded the book today and am looking forward to reading it. Have been a huge Terry Brooks fan since I was a kid in the 80s. You’ve definitely added to the further discovery of things I have missed and further insight into Terry’s life and stories. Been a pleasure following you and this site. Looking forward to many more years of following you!! Good luck in your recovery.

    • Stephen, you came close to reducing me to tears. Very kind words. Once upon a time, Terry told me, “Look, you might not want to do this website for the rest of your life and when that time comes just tell me. We’ll work out something.” I respond, “I do this for you and the fans and those two things aren’t going to change so you are stuck with me.”

      As I’ve said elsewhere, you all represent a vast fan base that happens to be the nicest I’ve seen. Terry is lucky to have you all. So am I. Thank you for your well wishes. I’m 1/3 through treatment, should finish in mid-November sometime, and when that happens I’ll owe you guys for keeping me… at the very least… entertained. 🙂

  9. I just checked and your book isn’t up on B&N yet, but I’m waiting…In the meanwhile riddle me this…what will you do if “Song” is a keeper and we want the rest of the trilogy..?

    • A very good question. I’ve outlined Book II completely and actually written nine or ten chapters of it. Book III is outlined in my head. It took me 10 months to write Song of the Fell Hammer. I would think something similar for the other two books. It all comes down to how it is received and, perhaps more importantly, how The Dark Thorn is received. If The Dark Thorn finds a home, I’ll likely have a three book contract to fulfill but the good news there is I have Book II and Book III of that series fully outlined. Might be able to write them in five or six months, so that’s good for the other series. In short, we’ll see!

      • Shawn,

        I have a copy of the ARC of Song and absolutely fell in love with this book and truly feel that you have something here. I hope you get around to making books II and III. I really want to know how everything works itself out. I hate cliffhangers!

        Also, as fans we miss following you on your blog. We hope that you can get that back up and running someday. It felt as if we were experiencing your works as you were right as you were writing them.

        Always keep up the terrific work. We are all lucky to have you!

        • Thanks, Pete. I have often wondered what you thought of the book. Write me an Amazon review? Also, I’ll get my blog back up in a meaningful way soon. Just gotta wrap up a few things and I’ll be back writing on it!

  10. Shaun you have all my best wishes and prayers, I will definitely download the book and am going to spread the word to all my co-workers who are mostly fantasy nerds. Hope to see you Aug 30th with Terry.

  11. Shawn,
    Bought your book yesterday. WIll start reading it as soon as my son takes his afternoon nap! =) Looking forward to it and it helps with the foundation! LOTS of Health to you!!!

  12. Shawn,
    I haven’t downloaded your book yet because I have a Nook, but I’m really looking forward to reading it! Can’t wait and good health to you!

  13. Hey, Shawn! I just downloaded your book and hope to get into it asap. I wish you the best with Haven–it’s a good thing that there are opportunities like that out there still. Keep up the writing, and if you need someone to look over your drafts at some point, let me know. I’m a professional editor (I have edited a religious magazine since 1992) and a fantasy junkie, so I might be able to give you another perspective. Just sayin’. 🙂

  14. I wasn’t going to buy a Kindle but now I will have too, wouldn’t miss this for the world. Good luck shawn!!!

  15. Shawn,

    I just read the post and picked up the book. I am excited to read your work and will send my thoughts afterwards if you want them. Good luck with everything.


    • I definitely want your thoughts on the book. If it is a 2-star book, post it and why. If it is better than that, post it and why. Honesty. 🙂 I’m excited to finally release The Dark Thorn because, as I’ve said, it is a better book, but if you guys like Song of the Fell Hammer it might lead to an extra book deal and more books being written. So any information is good to know! I let the fans decide. That’s the best way to handle things like this.

  16. I downloaded the sample that kindle provides last night and started reading it – pretty nice you get the first four chapters for free. Anyway, the first four chapters have me intrigued enough to cough up the money to read all of it. Should have it done in a few days and will post a review on Amazon when I’m done. This will be my first indie book. So far so good…

    • I haven’t looked at the book in a very long time. I just did so. I’d say Chapters 4-14 are a massive set up, without the action needed to keep a lot of people reading. Well, Chapter 8 is good. And Chapter 10 is good. Chapter 13 is good. The rest? Eh. If I lose readers, it will be there. After that though it picks up considerably. So weird I didn’t notice it all those years ago. If you put the book down because of those chapters, I will wholly understand.

      It’s really weird looking at this book and comparing it to The Dark Thorn. They are so different, almost written by different writers. Odd.

      • Well Shawn – I’m halfway through it – just hit the 50% mark on the kindle today. I must say – so far I think it is some high quality writing and you’ve created an incredible world. I’m not a critic or a writer – just a guy who loves the genre – and this is some of the best I’ve read. It’s taking me a bit longer than I expected to get through it – hopefully I’ll have it done by the end of the weekend….

        • Glad you made it to 50%. Ha! Just kidding. It’s a long book and that first 50% has a lot of extra prose that shouldn’t be there. That said, I think the second half picks up. I’ll be curious to hear what you think once you are done!

  17. Perhaps I have missed the information someplace so if this question has been answered already–sorry…When!! will Dark Thorn be up for pre-order on the Signed Page?

    • On The Signed Page? It’s going to be a while. Next year sometime I think. It will be on the Kindle and Nook long before that. Then again, there is a small chance a NYC publishers may want to buy the book and two sequels, to publish the next few years. So we’ll see! 🙂

  18. Shawn, just downloaded your book and will try to read it after I get through others I have in line. I will also be looking for The Dark Thorn when it’s released in October.
    I incorrectly assumed it was book two but see that book 2 might be something you plan on later.

    Best of luck to you in your health and your writing!

  19. Shawn, just bought on Kindle and I’ll get it on Nook when it is ready. Thanks for the heads up and best of luck to you with your treatment and recovery.

    As of a few seconds ago, you are 5600th in paid Kindle Store – not bad!

  20. As a huge fan of Terry’s, and a fan of Fantasy in general, I would love to buy your book… However I am from Canada, and I have the Kobo e-reader which will not read kindle or nook, is there plans to publish in a compatible format (epub, or pdf)

    • I ended up downloading Kindle app for IPhone and bought the book. Just finished reading it, and NEED, the next book. Hopefully you will consider writing it soon, aside from a few editing details I thought the book was really good, I got drawn into the characters and the world you laid out. I can’t wait to find out about the continuing journey of Sorin and his ultimate conflict to come with Kieran and The Witch.

      In the meantime, I will watch for Dark Thorn, (hopefully on KOBO, as reading on IPhone is not ideal).

      • Glad you liked the book, Ken. I’ll do my hardest to write the two sequels. Gotta have the massive dragon/giant battle at the end, ya know. 🙂

        As for THE DARK THORN, I’ll be interested to see which book you like better. Expect it next month and I’ll try to get it on Kobo too. If that doesn’t work, a physical book is coming in April 2012.

  21. I just bought the book. I’ve enjoyed your work on the website for years (it’s my homepage!) and was sad to hear about your health. As it happens, I was looking for something new to read before starting grad school for Library Science next month. Your book will be a joy to read no matter how unpolished you may feel it is. Hopefully, the sales of this book as an e-book will be a nice bonus on top of the much needed medical grant. Wishing you the best.

  22. I just downloaded your book thru NOOK and will read it as soon as I am done with the one I am reading currently. I hope you have a quick recovery and nothing but a huge success!!!!

  23. Shawn

    I want you to know that I purchased your book. Not just to help you qualify for the services you need (I am a person living with HIV, so I know what it’s like to have a need such as yours), but also in the hope that the money for the book will help you as well.

    I hope that everyone will purchase your book.

    And I will not read it until I read The Dark Thorn.

    My best hopes for you.


  24. Hey Shawn –

    Just bought a copy… hoping for the best for you

    I’m a Christian and believe in prayer… I am going to pray for you. If you would be open to a more personalized prayer just shoot me an e-mail

    (yeah, I know a weird comment) 🙂

  25. Howdy Shawn – just finished it on my lunch break today and posted a review on Amazon this evening. I really enjoyed it and meant every word I said in the review. I hope one day you come back to that series – I got quite attached…

  26. I just bought your book on Amazon to help support you during this time. As Terry is one of my favorite authors I would not have the opportunity to enjoy his work as much without your hard work.

    Thank you and may God bless you during this time.

  27. Just bought the book on Amazon. I’m sure I will like it, but even if I don’t, I wanted to help. God bless and good luck.

  28. I will surely purchase a copy on Amazon, although i dont own a smartphone or whatever i need for Kindle or Nook. Any other way to read it if i buy it Shawn?

  29. Hi Shawn forgive my ignorance but what is nook? Really like to read your book mate hope recovery is going well

  30. Shawn,

    Thank you for the opportunity to support your fight going forward. I wish you the best of luck and will keep you in my thoughts.

  31. Shawn,

    I started coming to this site as a fan of Terry Brooks. Through you I have gained a better knowledge of the person that Terry is and in doing so also had the pleasure of getting to know a little about you. Almost feel as if I know you.

    You have always been persistent in what you do and have persevered because of it. You will be no different with this current health setback.


  32. Shawn,
    I’ve finished half of your book, I am no expert. However, I judge a book on how fast I am pulled into the world the author is weaving. It doesn’t take long! The book is wonderful, and I can’t wait to read Dark Thorn. I am always looking for another fine epic fantasy author. Looks like I found one.
    Best of luck,
    Rick Benjamin

  33. Shawn,

    Just stumbled across this post. Sorry to hear about your health news, but I’m glad to see your novel. I’m always looking for new writers to enjoy.

    I wish you all the best with your health and with a long future in writing.

  34. Shawn,

    Just bought the kindle book – no preview necessary – anything we as fans of Terry (and you!) can do to help should not require any thought! I’m currently re-reading Bearers in anticipation of the arrival of Measure, and realized I will have some time to kill before Measure is here. Luckily I saw your post! I’m looking forward to reading it!

    Also, thanks to your words of encouragement (or is that warning?), I’ll be making the trek to Albany on Sept 12th to see Terry! Best of luck in your treatment, and don’t be shy about sharing your progress with all of us!

    • Thanks, Damon! Your post means a lot. I’m trying to keep most of this close to my chest because I don’t want to worry you guys when I know in my heart I’ll be fine. When The Dark Thorn is edited and ready, I’ll definitely make a post hoping many of you will buy it to support me. And Terry and I have some cool plans coming up so stay tuned!

  35. Shawn this is the first post I have ever left on this site. I have been coming to this site for years ( I am a site stalker) but have never been compelled to post. I bought the kindle version of your book and enjoyed it very much. I also think you do a great job with terrybrooks.net. I just wanted you to know I will be thinking of you and good luck with your health.


  36. Shawn,

    Let’s start with Good Luck with your health and know that know you are going to send thier best to you. First I would say please do not take it down. See what it does in sales because this maybe as some would say “your jump start to writting and to the top of the best seller list”. Also hopefully you can go see you all was wrong about the book because the people liked it as it is. Now, Thanks!!, because I am going to have to see if I can download to my computer so that I can read it. But it is a Good Thing true..
    Remember that this site is for Terry but it is You who has brought the site to all of us fans and help Terry and us fans to stay together. From what I have seen you keep Terry up to date with what the fans say on the site and then pass back to us what Terry has to say about them. So you already have a lot of fans that back you and Terry is going to have a hard time replaceing you when your books really take off.

    Good Luck,
    Kirk Veselka

  37. Firstly Shawn, all the very best on what the future brings you. It certainly is something very special here, the way Terry’s fans rally to bring their support. I downloaded the book from Amazon and have enjoyed the book immensley. I beleive you certainly have got something with this book and look forward to the other releases in the future. I felt that i bonded with the characters very quickly and had a very clear view of the lands you describe so well. Well done and hopefully you will need a Webmaster of your own one day.

    Best wishes


  38. Thanks for all of the hard work you put into Terry Brooks’ site. I book the kindle version to be a help to you. I may not have time to read it before you decide to take it down. I am really busy, but I will take the time to read it once I am done with my current degree.

    Thanks again

  39. wow, i’m sorry to hear that man, is there any way to purchase a hard copy of your book/s because i am one of those people who think e-readers are for star trek, and can’t live without a REAL book, after irene, i heard so many people complaining that they couldn’t charge their e-readers and they REFUSE to open a real book, sorry, didn’t mean to go off like that, i guess i’m old-school, good luck withyour current trial, and remember prayer is ALWAYS a good thing, prayer and family 🙂

  40. Shawn, I just got done reading your book. Dude . . . IT ROCKS! I wish I could read more about what happens to Sorin next! If you are blushing about this book . . . which I feel is superior to a lot of authors that do get published . . . your next book should be on the Best Seller list. Thanks again for sharing your “inferior” (LOL) work with us. I look forward to your next book. Sending up a “soncrist to the All Father” for you! (ie. I’ll be praying for total restoration of your health) 🙂

  41. Shawn thank you for sharing your good news! I purchased your book back in August on my Kidle and look forward to reading it! You are in my thoughts and prayers!

  42. I will read your book and write an honest review if I like it. Hope everything goes well with you.if all your fans sent a prayer and check, you would have this all over and done with.
    Don’t be surprised if i proof it, as I’m a very slow reader and read every word and obey every punctuation mark.
    My daughters hair started to grow back a few weeks after chemo stopped, to include her eyebrows. In fact they grew in so well, she had to start plucking them again.
    Carol (1Karrol)

  43. Shawn that it absolutely wonderful news!!!! I am so very glad to hear it!!! Still waiting for you to give it to Kobo so I can get your book!!!! Take care & God bless!!

  44. Shawn,
    Its great to hear you health is improving and your on the road to recovery. I have to tell you I really enjoyed the Hammer. I started reading fantasy after listening to my forth grade teach read it during story time over 30 years ago. It was the first book I ever bought myself. Since then I have read thousands of fantasy books.Your book was every bit as engaging and fun to read as any I have ever read. (I even had to wait a week to start the Measure, so I could finish your book. Dont tell Terry). I hope you continued success on your recover, and selfishly I hope you get back to writing soon, i would love to read the rest of the trilogy.

  45. It’s wonderful to hear that you’re now in remission. Hopefully that nasty cancer keeps away, eh? Good luck with the rest of your chemo, Shawn – we need our web druid healthy!

    I’ll be reading Song of the Fell Hammer very soon – and I’m really looking forward to The Dark Thorn.

  46. Shawn, so glad to hear the good news. You’re in my prayers, and this may sound strange, but I’m encouraged by the update (even though I feel I should be dishing out the encouragement to you). Guess that’s the benefit of good news — it works with a positive charge both ways. Keep plugging away at your writing — the world deserves another unique voice that churns out something other than hackneyed drivel. My best to you, and many thanks for what you’re doing here with the website and for Terry’s fans. Heck, you’ll probably need a Web Druid of your own someday soon. Until then, keep well and rest much.

  47. Great read. Refreshingly different. I think those that passed on publishing Song made a very poor decision. Keep writing!

  48. I downloaded and read Song of the fell hammer. I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed your book. I don’t know if you plan to continue this series or not. However I will be checking periodicly to see if there has been any word on a followup novel. I tend to only re-read a select few series but I know even if you never write another book in this series I will certanily read this book again. Also based on this book I will be watching for The Dark Thorn. Good luck in your fight.

  49. Shawn, I am over 65% through and I can already tell you I will disappointed that there is no Book 2. I caught a few mistakes that editing should take care of but I still think it’s a really good starter book and story. A map would help just becasue I love them and they help me travel with the charactors. Well fleshed out and well told plots. I am not a professional reviewer so when I post on Amazon, I am keeping it simple.

    I will say this, I like your writing style and I find the world and charactors you create very likable and the pace is keeping me turning pages and that is always a plus!

    Can’t wait for more. Keep that tough “bastard” attitude up regarding your health, fight the good fight and keep writing , please!

  50. I actually have a map for it, one I drew mimicking Darrell K. Sweet’s maps in Elfstones and Wishsong. I should post it up on my site, I guess, once I get my site back up and running again.

    Looking forward to you finishing the book and posting that review! I’ve been stuck at 8 reviews for a while and #9 needs to happen. 🙂

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