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BeingBeing by Kevin Brooks
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I haven’t read a new book in the last 30 days that I feel strongly enough about to want to review and recommend. So I am going back in time to the work of Kevin Brooks (no relation) out of England and suggest you take a look at BEING. I might have talked about his books before, but if I have, forgive me for suggesting BEING. This is still one of the best young adult science fiction books ever written. Right up there with Nancy Farmer’s HOUSE OF THE SCORPION. Here’s the set-up. What if you were to go in for a routine physical, end up on the operating table and overhear conversations that suggested there was something very different about what was inside you, different enough that you would soon be questioning whether or not you were human or alien. This is what confronts Robert Smith, who bolts for safety and ends up being hunted by a very shady government agency. I was particularly taken with the way Brooks examined the issues of what determines if we are human and how different can we be if we think we are human.

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  1. it does sound interesting. Too bad B&N doesnt have it in electronic format. Despite that I’ll add it to my wishlist in hopes that it will be converted to e-book sometime soon.

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