Terry’s DragonCon Schedule Posted

Terry is attending the 2011 DragonCon in Atlanta, GA!

It has been a number of years since he’s been back to the South, and fans are already gearing up for his appearance at one of the largest sci-fi/fantasy conventions in the world. But knowing where he’ll be at what time is fairly important so you don’t miss out!

Terry has just received his DragonCon itinerary, is doing a number of panels and autographings, and the information is listed below:


  • Title: Dragon*Autographs
    Time: Fri 02:30 pm Location: M301 – M304 – Marriott
  • Title: Dragon*Con Opening Ceremonies
    Description: The Dragon hatches and we celebrate the beginning of our 25th anniversary convention!
    Time: Fri 06:00 pm Location: Centennial I – Hyatt
  • Title: Terry Brooks and Del Rey
    Description: A discussion with Terry Brooks and Del Rey Editor in Chief, Betsy Mitchell.
    Time: Fri 07:00 pm Location: Hanover C – E – Hyatt


  • Title: Interview with Terry Brooks
    Description: Our Literary Guest of Honor, Terry Brooks, discusses his work, life and influences and answers questions.
    Time: Sat 01:00 pm Location: Regency VI – VII – Hyatt
  • Title: Dragon*Autographs
    Time: Sat 02:30 pm Location: M301 – M304 – Marriott
  • Title: Dragon*Con Guest of Honor Awards Banquet
    Description: We honor our 2011 Guests of Honor & present the Julie Award and Hank Reinhardt Fandom Award.Featuring performances by The Ghosts Project, comedic stylings of Craig Crumpton & the legendary James Darren.
    Time: Sat 07:00 pm Location: Regency VI – VII – Hyatt


  • Title: NYT Bestselling Authors Tell All
    Description: The pros at the top answer questions about their books, their writing habits, and their lives as bestselling authors.
    Time: Sun 01:00 pm Location: Regency VI – VII – Hyatt
  • Title: Dragon*Autographs
    Time: Sun 02:30 pm Location: M301 – M304 – Marriott


  • Title: Who Wants to Be A Writer?
    Description: Published writers talk about writing, answer questions and touch on other subjects that strike their fancy.
    Time: Mon 01:00 pm Location: Centennial I – Hyatt

This information will also be posted on the 2011 DragonCon website and be offered in program guides at the convention.

A note: The autographings last an hour per the rules of DragonCon. Definitely get in line early. While Terry loves signing for his fans and has a policy of signing until the last fan is happy, the convention will stop a signing at that one-hour mark and shoo fans—and author—from the room if the table is needed for the next author/celebrity.

That means plan accordingly!


11 responses to “Terry’s DragonCon Schedule Posted”

  1. I can not afford to get in the Dragon Con, $100.00 door entry.!!!! Why can’t he go to a Barns & Noble Book store here in Atlanta, I will go for that, alot of fans would. I’m sorry to miss him at Expensive dragon Con. Let me know if he could see the other fans one day? I will always love to read his work! Best Reguards, Thank you, Keira Cirillo.

    • The cost is not $100. Here is how the days break down:

      Dragon*Con 2011 September 2 – 5 Memberships
      $120 Friday to Monday 4-day (available for purchase on Thursday and Friday only)
      $90 Saturday to Monday 3-day (available for purchase on Saturday only)
      $60 Sunday to Monday 2-day (available for purchase on Sunday only)
      $40 Friday only (available for purchase on Friday only)
      $50 Saturday only (available for purchase on Saturday only)
      $40 Sunday only (available for purchase on Sunday only)
      $30 Monday only (available for purchase on Monday only)

  2. Dragon Con prices may be somewhat but it’s well worth it! Trust me! This is my 8th year. Best year yet.

  3. I am very excited to see that Mr. Brooks will be at Dragon*Con this year. My first novel is being released at Dragon*Con and Terry Brooks is a very big inspiration to my writing. I hope I have the opportunity to meet him and thank him personally.
    J L Mulvihill

  4. Just wanted to say that I picked up the Sword of Shanara in an airport bookstore as I was leaving to start a new life in New York. I have been addicted to your writing ever since …. Just want to say thank you for bringing a little science fantasy to my otherwise dull and mortal life,


  5. I want to get Mr. Brooks’ autograph for my daughter. Will there be books there to buy for that or should I bring my own?

    • There are often booksellers and book dealers at Dragon Con. But they can only bring so many books and could sell out. I’d suggest bringing your own if you want to ensure a signature.

  6. I’m new to the DragonCon, and I am make making the drive from Jacksonville, FL, so I need to know if bringing any extra money is needed for autographs. Especially if I’m planning on bringing my entire collection.

  7. GEE I don’t have a job right now but I do have 30 spare dollers. Should I go to Dragon con or buy the new book ….. Really wish you would do a sining some where I can aford but I will still enjoy the new book. THANKS YOU grately for many years of fantastic books !!

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