Touring with Terry – Beaverton and West Seattle

We are trying to return to an old idea – Postcards from the Road. Technology has caught up with us, or us with it . So, here we go . . . Touring with Terry!


Terry at the mic! Reading from next year’s book.


Terry’s first signing for The Measure of the Magic at Powells Beaverton. Very well attended. Dinner beforehand with Kristy and Brent Weeks. Another excellent signing managed by Peter and Renee.



A sunny Saturday afternoon in West Seattle. Not everyone was at Alki!
A nice turnout at Barnes & Noble, thank you, Sonja.


Superfan, Jennifer, drove from Olympia with her newly broken leg and FOUR children to see Terry.


Lunch beforehand with Lev Grossman, Peter Orullian, Shawn and Shawn’s mom, Kathy. Lev was in town signing his new book, The Magician King (followup to The Magicians). Terry and he are big fans of each other . . . Great fun. Peter, Kathy and Shawn hung out with us until the bitter end.

Peter Orullian and Terry –


Big surprise of the day! Langdon Shoop, of Shoop Diesel fame, was at the signing! A fan of the White Sox, in town playing the Mariners, he traveled from Kentucky for the two Big Events. The White Sox won, 3 – 0.

Shawn, Terry and “Shoop” –



Yet another sunny day in Seattle – who knew?

Terry signing many books at Shawn’s on Sunday afternoon for fans via The Signed Page.


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  1. Everyone looks well. Such fun seems to be had. Wish I could have been there — so thankful for the pics and glad to see that Terry appears to be enjoying himself. He deserves some enjoyment after all the hard work.

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