Day: September 5, 2011

  • Touring with Terry – DragonCon Sunday

    SUNDAY A perfect start to the day – brunch with old friends from Maui Writer’s Conference days. Jack and Tracy Smith with their darling three-year-old son, came into the city and joined Eldon and us for a nice long visit. Was good to catch up, and seeing all the strange characters and riding the glass […]

  • Touring with Terry – DragonCon Sunday 2

    Sunday Sunday morning – still trying to get message out. Feel like a captive – unable to get a message out to the world. Now we are told It could be because I have AT&T and this is Verizon country. Whatever, I am struggling. Very busy day here yesterday.Can hardly fight your way through the […]

  • Touring with Terry – DragonCon Saturday

    Today, Saturday, this place is a ZOO! Just fought our way back to the Hyatt where Terry’s next event, an on stage interview, takes place. Had a lovely breakfast with members of the forum from T’s website. Pictures WILL follow as soon as they can be sent. Not having much luck at this time. “Measure […]