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This blog is a printed thanks to Ben L. & his wife. Ben came up to our table last Friday while Judine and I were having breakfast. He asked if I was Terry Brooks and then said he just wanted to thank me for my books. He apologized for interrupting breakfast and we exchanged a few words about my work and he and his wife said goodbye. Nice to hear his kind words, I thought. When we were leaving, the cashier told us that Ben had paid for our breakfast. He left a note telling me how much my books meant to him, stories his Dad first read to him when he was five.

Judine is forever saying to anyone who will listen that I have the best, most well-behaved and knowledgeable fans. She is not mistaken. Ben is an example of this, and this sort of thing is so common and so pervasive by now that I almost take it for granted. Almost, but not quite. I read the stories all the time about celebrities who react poorly to being approached by fans. Not me. I take it as a compliment every time someone tells me they like my books. I take it as a reminder of how important it is to treat your readers well. Write a good book every single time. Never cut corners, never skimp. Never give up! Never surrender! Oh, wait. That’s someone else.

The point is I am grateful for all of you. I do not take you for granted. I do not think I have earned anything with what I have done in the past. I expect to have to earn your loyalty and support and faith each time out. But when you tell me the sort of things Ben did, it makes it so worth the effort.


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  1. As usual a wonderful read, we the fans are blessed to have Terry and Judine you are always gracious and kind to us and we do appreciate it. It was funny that you had mentioned this at your last signing and i started to look around and realized there were no Allanons or Walker Bows and FIndo Gasks in the audience which actually did kinda blow me away in this time and age or the Larpers. LOL

  2. Very nice story. Ben is right, though. your books are great! But there is something I would like to know. What did you have for breakfast? 🙂

  3. Thanks for this, Terry. It is refreshing to see a human angle. Someone who takes time to notice the little things!

    Like Ben, I too hold a special place for your work. Breakfast is the least we can do to thank you.

  4. Terry,
    I hope you read the comments I left for you on “the Irene Tour – South Hadley, MA – Tuesday, September 14 website. I left (quite a long one that I cannot duplicate) you my feelings there, not realizing I could have written them here on your blog…I hope they do not escape your notice, please take the time to read the comment from Bev Brooks Montague (actually 2 of them, 1 short)…are our Scottish clans relatives? My mom is into all that geneology research, I don’t have the patience for research, I would rather spend the time READING your works. Gee, maybe we ARE related!
    Love to you and thank you for the MANY HOURS of FANTASTIC READING! It has meant SO MUCH to me to have this time in your fantasy worlds and to escape my own personal reality of living with constant pain…even for a little while!
    I hope you enjoyed the flowers, even though I KNOW they only lasted a short while!
    take care, Bev
    Bev (Brooks) Montague

  5. I’m so jacked up by the announcement for The Wards of Faerie and the next Shannara series that if I lived in your neck of the woods, I’d buy you lunch for a week! I might even buy Speakman lunch, too!

    Justin in Dayton

  6. This blog and “Ask Terry” are also to your credit, seeing you generously responding to fans and explaining your books. I appreciate reading these features very much.

  7. Over 15 years ago my son and I wrote to you thanking you for your books. What a treasure it was to hear back from you! He took your response letter to his junior high and shared it proudly with his 6th grade classmates. It now lives in a place of honor (in a sheet protector of course) next to his collection of signed first editions.

    I so appreciate you taking the time to make a kid’s dream come true. He is now 27 and you are still his all-time favorite author. In due time, his kids too will have the privilege listening to their dad read them your books….until they are old enough to read them on their own of course.

    Thank you Terry for enriching so many lives–you truly are the best!

  8. I think the nature of your fans represents the nature of what you as a writer appeal to, as another commenter here indicated. You appeal to those who have real values, who believe in goodness, honor, courage, and love, the things that sound corny but are really the most important things in our lives. Your stories encourage us to believe in the human spirit, to have faith and hope in the face of horrible tragedy. Through imagination you teach, and we listen because it will not only be entertainment, but be good without being preachy. This is just what I think, of course, other fans may differ. But I think what your stories offer is a common ground morality, a place where people of any religion or worldview or political stance can recognize what is good without feeling their own views are threatened or feeling like they have to push them onto someone else. You draw readers, I think, who like good stories about good people, not just fun stories about fun people (though you offer that too, and at the same time, which is challenging). Thank you.

  9. 7th grade is the first time I read “Sword” as well, Jake. The Hildebrandt art got my attention first! I remember my English teacher telling me “There is no way you’ll finish a 726 page novel in time for a book report!”….. did I ever prove her wrong!! Needless to say I’ve been hooked ever since!! I think it’s important for kids, and sometimes even adults, to have some way to escape the harsh realities of the world every so often. For me, sticking my nose in a Terry Brooks novel is the perfect getaway!!

  10. I can only endorse everything Ben said to you Terry,thanks for your superb books and by the sounds of it you are a good man too who appreciates his fans.Look forward to your upcoming books

  11. I too wish to add to this list of appreciative accolades. You have been one of my favorite authors since college (and I am….significantly older than that now). The enjoyment I have received over the years defies description, you are simply a great storyteller. It is an honor to be fan. Thank you.

  12. I would like to know if there are any plans for a book or books to cover the time period between “the Measure of Magic” and “First King of Shannara”? We seem to leave the survivine people leaving the valley than jump to the tiem of the Druids. What happens inbetween? How does the first war of the races come about? There seems to be a lot missing in this wonderful story.

  13. Great story! Way to go Ben! I believe he is speaking for many of us out there that would love to run into you anywhere. I have been reading your work for 25 years and I have ever book. Thanks for everything Terry

  14. Terry, Ben’s story is somewhat ironic to my own. I recently dusted off my Marine Corps trunk from 1985 and dug out Sword of Shannara for my 16 year old son to read. I told him how this tale kept me intrigued and helped while away the hours while out to sea. His skeptisim melted away after the first few pages, and is now five books into works. Team Terry Brooks “5”, Team Playstation “0”! Your clean-cut epic adventues, always have focused on honor, integrity and moral terpitude, the traits I so try to live by and instill in my familiy. Terry, for your warm-fuzzy for the day, know that my youngest daughter Shanna was named after your work (Don’t tell my wife!). Take care and keep writing!!!

  15. Terry,

    The Sword of Shannara introduced me, through a special and exciting adventure, to the wonderful world that reading has to offer. Reading the next Brooks book is something I know a lot of us look forward to all the time and it is a journey I can’t wait to lead my kids on – once they’ve learned to read!

    Thank you for your imagination, vision and determination to give us so much. You are an inspiration.

    From a dedicated fan in Cape Town, South Africa.

  16. Terry,

    When I met you in Boston this year, it was a dream come true for me and I remember you telling me that you appreciated me coming from another state and spending time with you at the signing. It really means a lot to me that an author loves his fans and is very appreciative of them, so to hear those words from you meant a lot to me. So you’re very welcome, Terry! You truly are an inspiration to me!


  17. Dear Terry, I think you are the best fantasy writer still living, and I have read every one of your books. I am currently working on a short story (that’s turning into a long story) for my creative writing class in college. I am inspired by your writing, and your book, lessons from a writing life, was invaluable. I am trying to get a degree in game design with a minor in narrative storytelling. I hope you keep writing for the rest of your days.
    Kind regards,
    Ian Williams.

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