Touring with Terry – DragonCon Sunday 2


Sunday morning – still trying to get message out. Feel like a captive – unable to get a message out to the world. Now we are told It could be because I have AT&T and this is Verizon country. Whatever, I am struggling.

Very busy day here yesterday.Can hardly fight your way through the lobbies of the various hotels. Lots of fabulous and not so fabulous costumes. Terry had a panel with Betsy Mitchell on, well, Terry. Then he was interviewed on stage by Teresa Patterson and signed books in the afternoon for two hours. As always, his fans are thrilled and happy to meet him.

The banquet was last night and Terry was given lots of kind words and an award of sorts. The big honoree of the evening was William Shatner-boy, do they love him here. MC Peter David told a wonderful story about his youth and how Captain Kirk saved his life, or at least, his youth. Very moving.

We had drinks at the revolving restaurant at the top of the Weston with Betsy and Shelley Shapiro – terrific view.

So we spent the day pushing our way through monsters and maidens of all sorts, looking for where we were supposed to be.Eldon Thompson stuck with us most of the day – good to have a friendly face by our side.



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