Touring with Terry – DragonCon Monday


Good day today. Most folks seem to have gone home, although Terry’s panel with Tim Zahn, Mercedes Lackey and Michael Van Name, on Who Wants to be a Writer, was well attended. Lots of good, meaningful questions from the audience.

Following the panel, Terry, Eldon and I walked to the Georgia Aquarium, just a few blocks away. Terry and I have wanted to go for several years, ever since they obtained, not one, but FOUR Whale Sharks. What magnificent beasts! It is a wonderful aquarium, with Beluga whales, various shark species, giant Sting Rays, a couple of albino alligators and all the other fishy fellows that are found in waters everywhere. A great experience – if you ever get a chance to go, don’t pass it up.


Now, areas all around us are under a tornado watch and our dinner date, crime novelist, Karin Slaughter, has cancelled. So we will try one of the hotel restaurants and hope for the best tomorrow when we pick up our rental car and head for Ashville.

Perhaps I’ll be able to figure out how to get these out on a regular basis once we are out of this hotel. I have great pictures to post, as well, if I’m ever able to figure it out!

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