Touring with Terry – New York City

We are back at the beach at last after spending a couple of days in Seattle waiting for my suitcase to show up – which it did, eventually. Delivered in the wee hours of the morning rather mysteriously. Thank you, Continental!

Spent our NYC time meeting with the publisher and agents. Very interesting. Lots of new projects in the works in addition to the new set of books due out in 2012. Terry will be writing a letter to you all soon letting you know a little of what may be happening.

We also had a delightful dinner with T’s editor, Betsy Mitchell, and her husband, at Collichio and Sons in the meat packing district. Best of all, we walked the High Line on a lovely full moon night. Almost worth the horrifying cab ride to get there and back.

We also got to see The Book of Mormon – absolutely the best musical ever! Very irreverent and oh, so funny! Was an excellent way to end the tour.

Now we are back where Terry most loves to be and he is writing like crazy. He is just two chapters from the end of (not yet titled) the second book in The Legacy of Shannara and already working on the new book to come after Legacy. So great to see him all fired up.

Check out this photo – is that not a happy guy?


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