Touring with Terry – The Irene Tour – Albany, NY – Monday

Our drive today was on a small road through attractive farmland. Some adjustments to our route were necessary due to the floods in southern Vermont. We reached Albany in plenty of time for Terry’s 3 o’clock interview with Joe Donahue on WAMC/Northeast Public Radio.

Tonight’s signing was at Flights of Fantasy, owned by Maria Perry, another former Waldenbooks bookseller. A super turnout that filled her store. Another couple of guys who traveled a great distance – Robert Kusiak from near Toronto, Canada, and John Day, from NW New Jersey.





We had a lovely drink in the bar of our hotel to unwind and talk about next year’s tour. That’s right! Terry has had such a good time this year that instead of his usual, “I’m never going to tour again,” he is already making plans for going out with Wards of Faerie. Haven’t discussed anything with Del Rey yet, but it’s been a while since we have toured either the midwest or California. Any suggestions?

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  1. Great to see everyone having a blast and Terry excited about touring again. Would love to see Terry ( and Judine too!) in the Detroit area for Wards of Faerie. I never had the opportunity and would be honored to meet the both of you. Hope you stop nearby on the tour!

  2. I see my picture with Terry on the website…. I’m nearly famous now:)

    I’d like to say that I truely had a wonderful time meeting both Terry and Judine Brooks. Terry is an extremely interesting fellow and has such a wicked sence of humour. I felt at ease in no time. A true down to earth person who appeared just as happy and entertained as everyone else in the room. A great entertainer. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire “Terry Brooks Experience” and I am glad i was there and a part of it.

    My suggestion for next years tour? Near Toronto, of caurse 🙂

  3. Suggestions? Of course!

    Terry, you have a lot of fans here in the great state of Colorado. An appearance in Denver would be fantastic! Denver is centrally located, so folks from all over the state could easily make the drive to meet you – I live in Colorado Springs and Denver is only about an hour’s drive for me – and considering how quickly Measure of the Magic sold out at my local Barnes and Noble, you would many many fans make the trek to meet you, myself included.

  4. Thank you for coming to NY.
    I drove from Rochester NY to have a chance to say thank you.

    Your work has keep me entralled for years ….

  5. What a thrill to meet one of my favorite authors. Terry is as impressive a speaker as he is a writer. Thanks to Flights of Fantasy for hosting.

  6. Well, I gotta say I am partial to Milwaukee, Chicago or anywhere in the area around Wisconsin. Sterling, IL, Terry’s hometown would be my ultimate place to get my 20+ unsigned books signed. And there would be no better place than in Sinnissipi Park. I can do the 5 hour drive without even having to think about it. I may not have enough to fly, but I love long scenic drives , so bring it Terry! Cheers and thanks again for all the great stories. May you live long and prosper!

  7. Met my favorite author! What more can I say? A great time and thanks to Flights of Fantasy for making it possible.

  8. Terry, I would love for you to come to the Midwest. If you are anywhere within 5 hours of me next year, I will be there!

  9. After seeing Mr. Brooks at Flights of Fantasy, I would be willing to travel to see him speak again. The crowd was big enough to let him know that Albany is worth another stop in the future (hint, hint), but small enough that he could spend a few minutes chatting with each fan that had books signed. What a fantastic experience. Thanks for coming and I hope to see you again on the next tour!

  10. I vote Midwest, specifically Illinois–I would l-o-v-e to meet my childhood hero of literature! I fell in love with Shannara as a kid, and it’s still my favorite. Thank you, Terry, for the years of adventure!

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