Touring with Terry – The Irene Tour – Friday – Boston/Burlington

VERY busy couple of days on the road. Terry had three signings in 24 hours – an accomplishment even for super author Terry. Add to that the over eight hours in a vehicle that was a goodly portion of that 24 hours . . .you get the picture.

The very best, the SUPER SURPRISE of the tour, was the appearance of #1 collector and friend, Stuart Finnie from Scotland. There he was, at the Boston Public Library, lurking in the audience. Of course Terry never sees anything beyond the end of his nose, so when he heard that Scottish accent asking a question he said, “Stuart, is that you?” It was quite exciting – we were SO happy to see him. This is the second time he has done this – last time was several years ago at Quail Ridge Books in North Carolina. He has also appeared in Paris and Strasbourg. What a guy!


Out good friends, Jake and Brooke, attended the library signing – Jake and Stuart were even interviewed by the NPR reporter that was there to interview Terry. He thought the interview would air on Tuesday the 13th. We then visited their home in Jamaica Plain and met their dogs, Kaz and Lily. We then began the torturous drive north to the B & N in Burlington (MA). OMG the traffic was horrible! We barely made it in time for Terry to grab a burger before he was “on.”

The traffic nightmare wasn’t over however, as returning to the city was equally nasty. Many thanks to Jake and Brooke for subjecting themselves to the agony of Boston traffic for our sake.


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7 responses to “Touring with Terry – The Irene Tour – Friday – Boston/Burlington”

  1. Just finished Measure of the Magic…wish I could have been there to get it signed! Long way from Vancouver Canada 🙁

    Nice to see that Stuart made it out, though. Thanks for the post

  2. Ug. This phone…

    Anyway, after finding out it was indeed his fan Stuart, Terry had to request he re-ask his question as Terry had been completely surprised. It was great to see Terry is such a devoted author to his fans as much as his fans are to him.

  3. As I stated earlier when I posted my picture, I waited at B&N for nine hours to ensure that I got a good seat at his reading and Q&A. I am so happy that I did. The B&N people were great and Terry was so cool and nice. I’ve wanted to meet him for a very long time and was so glad that he made it over to the East Cost for this trip. Admittedly, I was a little star struck and found myself lost as to what to do and say, but I was able to get Terry to sign a copy of the Sword trilogy to my children and give him a set of Blue Elfstones that I picked out for him. He is the reason that I have fallen in love with storytelling and it was an inspiring evening (as well as a picture of Terry holding some Blue Elfstone and myself holding the Loden). It was such an honor and a pleasure to have met you, Terry. Thank you.

  4. It was such a pleasure to meet Terry for the 1st time. I really enjoyed how engaging and generous Terry is with his readers. Thank you for taking the time to sign all of the books that I brought with me. My collection of 1st editions/1st printings signed is now complete. I am looking forward to all of the books that are in progress especially the entirely new series that you are working on. Thank you again.

    I also wish to thank Stuart Finnie for the gift of the signed cover art poster of the Measure of the Magic. I will cherish it always.

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