Touring with Terry – The “Irene” Tour – Raleigh/Boston


Up early once again. Off to the airport to fly to Boston. Terry insists this is a day off because he doesn’t have to “perform” but . . .

We are meeting Bob and Diane Salvatore for dinner tonight so that qualifies as non-work related.

Last night’s signing at Quail Ridge Books in Raleigh was the biggest yet. Many die-hard fans from far away. David and his son, Steven, drove ten hours from Columbus, Ohio, to have Terry sign forty books, and there were many others with more than a dozen. We were there till 11 PM. And still had a long drive back to our hotel.



Two signings tomorrow (to make up for that “day off”) then we drive to New Hampshire.

More later.

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7 responses to “Touring with Terry – The “Irene” Tour – Raleigh/Boston”

  1. I was there last night and enjoyed myself tremendously. I had been waiting for this opportunity since I missed him the last time he came through Raleigh. Thank you for your tour through the south.

  2. Yes, I was there and I drove down from Greensboro! It was such a great time and it was an amazing opp. to meet my favorite author since I was 11, I am 35 now!
    Terry was so nice, and heraing him read the first chapter of the book coming out next August, was very cool.

  3. really looking forward to being in burlington tomorrow night. and don’t worry, we won’t bring our whole collection, although it is tempting. : )

  4. I really look forward to meeting Terry tomorrow at the Boston Public Library! I’ve been reading his books since 1997 and in all honesty, he’s the reason I enjoy reading now. I trudged through books in school until when going on a trip I picked up First King and that sent me on a much more literate path and I will always be thankful for that gift. 🙂

  5. Terry,
    I got the pleasure of meeting you in Burlington MA Friday night. I have always been a huge fan of all your books. Thank you

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