Touring with Terry – The Irene Tour – Shelburne, VT – Sunday

No need to rise bright and early this morning, but rise we did. After a great and gooey diner breakfast at Henry’s Diner we drove around Burlington, visiting the lakeshore (Lake Champlain) and other points of interest. It being a sunny Sunday there were many sailboats on the lake – a beautiful scene. We drove on to Shelburne and out to Shelburne Farms where we were to have dinner that evening. This is a large estate as one would expect to see in the English countryside, 1400 acres on the shores of Lake Champlain. A spectacular manor home now houses the Inn and restaurant. We were thrilled to see a deer and her twin fawns – I know, they’re a dime a dozen but still a joy to observe.

The extremely busy cooks at Henry’s.


And you knew I couldn’t resist, the deer.


The signing at The Flying Pig Bookstore was very well attended, and once again people drove from far away to meet Terry and have him sign their books. Nancy and Gil drove from their home in Bangor, Maine.


Elizabeth and the staff did a fine job and even gave us a bottle of wine which we enjoyed later, reading on the lawn of our Bed & Breakfast. The bookstore has a very nice space for events, of which they have many. Good store, heavy on children’s and young adult. Didn’t stop me from loading up – luckily they ship. Dinner that night was Sunday Supper at the Shelburne, and very pleasant. We want to stay there the next time we are up this way!

So far we have seen little damage from Irene, but have adjusted our route south tomorrow to avoid places where the roads are still washed out. The southern part of Vermont apparently bore the brunt of the storm.

Off to Albany tomorrow. Wish us luck, our GPS has so far been pretty useless. Thank goodness we still know how to use maps.

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  1. My wedding, and the birth of my son are the only things more awesome than getting to speak to and shake hands with Terry Brooks. Thank you for coming to Vermont!

  2. It was a pleasure getting to talk to Terry and Judine. If you are ever in the Northeast again, I hope to see you both again. Thank you for the many years of enjoyment your books have brought… I don’t know of many professions that can claim to spreading enjoyment for so long to so many! Take care!

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