Touring with Terry – The Irene Tour – South Hadley, MA – Tuesday

Our electronics are driving us crazy! Terry in a foul mood after several attempts to send e-mails. Our hotel claimed to have WiFi in every room AND the parking lot, but not in OUR room, as it turns out. T can’t even make a phone call from our room on his phone.

Then we chose to take the scenic route to Hadley. Well, I enjoyed looking at all the older homes in Albany but I’m afraid the charm was lost on him. We did finally get out of town and on our way through the Berkshires. Lots of little towns, no autumn color to speak of. Probably not our brightest decision.

But eventually we found our way to our lovely abode for the night, the Ivory Creek Bed & Breakfast.


A very easy drive to South Hadley and the Odyssey Bookshop. We met Robert Reddick, author of The Red Wolf Conspiracy and The Rats of the Ruling Sea (one of the best titles ever), for dinner at Food 101, right next door to the bookshop. Great food! Rob is very charming and we had a great time getting to know one another. He guided us to the Hooker Auditorium on the Mt. Holyoke campus where the reading and signing took place.


Another good crowd with some familiar faces from last night. Joan has a terrific bookstore and she and Sydney hauled a lot of books over to the campus for the event. Thank you!


This dear family waited until almost the end to have their books signed. Sorry the photo is so blurry. Matt, Mindy, Connor and Hunter.


Well, that was our last signing. The Irene Tour is over. Tomorrow we head to New York City to meet with the powers that be to discuss the future. Stay tuned!

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10 responses to “Touring with Terry – The Irene Tour – South Hadley, MA – Tuesday”

  1. It was a joy and a privilege to meet you both at last! Great reading, great writing advice. And the martini-flavored risotto was to die for.

    Happy homeward journey, Terry and Judine. You’ve got a friend in Florence (a.k.a. Northampton), MA.

    It was WONDERFUL finally to meet you in person…you are JUST as I imagined! Witty, genuine, amiable and most of all sincere, my FAVORITE kind of person!!! I was the “fan” that gave you flowers but we didn’t have time for me to explain their meaning; the “PASSION” flower for the PASSION you put into your writing and mine for reading it, the “YELLOW” rose for the FRIENDSHIP that you share with your fans, the “RED” rose for the LOVE that you show to your fellow human beings through your writings, and the “FALL CROCUS” (Colchicum) for the SURPRISE that it shows us each Spring and Fall by showing up each season with an unexpected and unlooked-for beauty in life! All fresh picked from my garden.
    THIS is what I would have told you about the FLOWERS that you received from me, if we had the time. Someday I will get the name of MY SCOTTISH clan and see if you and I are related, What WAS your clan name?…Doesn’t matter if we are, I will ALWAYS love reading your works and look forward to that book you read from last night.THAT was an unexpected and unlooked-for beauty in my day!
    Thanks and it REALLY WAS NICE meeting you,
    Take Care
    Bev Brooks Montague

  3. Terry,
    Just a p.s. from my previous post, something VERY IMPORTANT that I omitted by accident!
    You MUST be an awesome person. YOU wear ALOHA shirts!!
    Again, thank you and take care,
    Bev Brooks Montague

  4. Loved going to The Odyssey back in the 1970s when I lived in nearby Amherst. Glad it is still a going concern.
    Welcome home!

  5. What a pleasure to make it to a 2nd Terry Brooks event. Really enjoyed how engaging and generous Terry is with his readers. Hope you and Judine are now resting up after your long eastern tour. Thank you for the magic.

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