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Mink RiverMink River by Brian Doyle
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This month I am recommending MINK RIVER by Brian Doyle. I heard Brian speak at an author even on the Oregon Coast last fall and I was blown away by his presentation. Part performance artist, part wild man, part actor and seer, he was the most exciting writer I have seen in a long time. So I read his book. It is about Native Americans living in the tiny community of Mink River, a crow who not only speaks but saves the day, a bear that helps carry out the wounded and so many other poetic and wonderful forms of magic realism and fantasy I cannot begin to count them. It is about small lives and big dreams, and I am betting you have never read anything like it.

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7 responses to “Terry Reviews: Mink River”

  1. Hey, thanks, Terry. This made me grin. I think only my brothers have described me as a wild man before. I am honored at your comment, and quietly delighted — I wanted to write a book that was only itself, that wasn’t like any other book ever, that was braid and weave and web and story and tale and everything all stitched and singing, even the painful parts being somehow holy in their bruising. In a real way the characters told themselves, you know? Yeah — you know. yrs Brian

  2. wow thanks Terry, I am your biggest fan so hearing you saying this is a great read then I am going to pick it up


  3. I would love to read Brian Doyle’s book. I just saw the synopsis on Amazon.com. I look forward to getting it as soon as it comes out on KINDLE. (Brian – PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE release this to Kindle readers SOON!!!!!!!)

    • Ditto on the Kindle release. , but sometimes I just cant wait that long, and this might just be one of those times. Thanks.

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