Indomitable signed by Terry Brooks

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Hi Everyone,

It’s that time, the first of three online signings with Terry this year!

Indomitable by Terry Brooks

Fans ask Terry all of the time, “Will you ever revisit one of your characters once their adventure is over with?” Terry is usually not interested in doing such things. Once a book is finished, those characters live out their lives happily ever after. Or something like that. In his view, how many adventures does one person have in a lifetime? If they have one, they are lucky.

But Terry decided to do something different for Jair Ohmsford, the brother of Brin Ohmsford from The Wishsong of Shannara. Terry felt like he had more to say about Jair and his evolving wishsong. When a last page of the evil Ildatch is discovered to still exist, it is Jair the Shade of Allanon calls on to track down the missing page and destroy it.

This sets the stage for Terry’s novella, Indomitable, which Subterranean Press is publishing in April 2012. They are only printing 2500 copies of the trade edition and I’ve secured 300 of them for Terry to sign. They will be the only copies signed by Terry out of those 2500 and undoubtedly will sell fast just like his other novels on The Signed Page!

Order soon! That’s all I’m going to say about it!

Happy reading to you all!


16 responses to “Indomitable signed by Terry Brooks”

  1. Dear Terry,
    Please consider using more contests for a large population out there cannot afford your wonderful books, myself included. Many of us have read everything that you have published and look forward to the new additions to your legacy. I value the few books I that I have been given of the years and will save them for my son when he is ready. Thank you!

  2. Is it too late to order a copy? Ive been a follower of both Terry Brooks and your site for a long time but have never ordered a signed copy. How do I do this.

  3. I order a copy from the signed page through paypal, my CC was charged but when I look in my orders it isn’t showing up, says it can’t find the order. anything I can do? Thanks 🙂

  4. I just ordered Indomitable. Am I too late? Also, it was through The Signed Page – I don’t know if I made in time for a signed one – but if so, it never asked me to whom. Can you please advise? Thank you.

    • Too late for a personalization — unless you want to wait until early September when Terry sits down with me again at The Signed Page to sign copies of Wards of Faerie? In the meantime, I have copies signed by Terry but not personalized. Cheers!

      • That sounds great! Thank you so much. Looking forward to ordering Wards of Faerie for my husband. 🙂

  5. I forgot to comment on this after I got the book, but I found it a wonderful return to old stories and characters. But I greatly appreciated how it wasn’t a rehashing of the same characters–they really feel like they’ve grown up and their relationships have changed with each other. It’s length belies its breadth–it feels every bit as much of an adventure as every Shannara book I’ve read to date.

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