Pictures: Tucson Festival of Books

Several week ago, Terry attended the Tucson Festival of Books where he met with hundreds of his fans. His wife, Judine, took several pictures of Terry with fans as well as his signing line! Here they are!

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  1. SHADES!!! And I had to be deployed! Well, already have Wards on my wish list and I’m expecting Indomitable limited edition in the mail when I get back. Terry, thank you so much for giving us a glimpse into your universe over the past 26 years (for me anyway). I picked up the Sword in 5th grade back in 1986. The journey has been incredible so far and I’m excited to see new (and old) places along our travels, the next discoveries awaiting our arrival, and the thrill of more magic. Take care.

  2. What a pleasure it was to meet you. My daughter (pictured with you above with my husband) had “dress like your favorite book character” day at school 2 weeks after the book festival. She was the only Allanon on campus. Such timeless stories and characters that we can all (even at 8!) relate to on some level. Thank you from our whole family.

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