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One of the questions I was asked at the Get Lit at the Beach festival was about movies of my books. There is something in the works for Shannara, but until I have a definite contract and a full understanding of what will happen, I have to leave any discussion of that for a little while longer. But I can talk a bit about the other project, which is Magic Kingdom for Sale. The rights for this series was picked up yet again, this time by Warner Brothers last fall and a production company called Weed Road. The latter features people with serious credentials as screenwriters movie making experience and an understanding of how you bring a book to life as a movie. I’ve met with them and like them very much. We finalized a contract late last year, and shortly after that actor Steve Carell signed on as star and producer. He ‘attached’ himself to the project, as it’s called.

Understand, he might drop out. He doesn’t have to wear both actor and producer hats or any hat at all if he chooses not to, so nothing is carved in stone. Right now, a screenwriter with both screenwriting and playwrighting credentials is working on a script for the movie. I’ve met and spoken with him, as well, and think he is a fine choice. All of those involved seemed committed to preserving the integrity of not only the first book, Magic Kingdom for Sale, which is the source for the initial movie, but of the remaining books in the series, too. I am encouraged by what I have seen and been told. I think maybe this time we will get the job done. Cross your fingers. Maybe your toes, too, if you are dextrous enough.

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  1. I would love to see that story as a movie. Magic Kingdom of Landover was such a great book. I could see Steve Carell doing well in his roles. I will cross my fingers and hope that this movie eventually becomes a reality.

  2. I agree with others. Don’t think Steve Carell would make a good Ben. Others might enjoy him but hope there is someone else fills that role. No offense meant to Mr. Carell.

  3. I am so thrilled about the possibility of a movie based on the Magic Kingdom of Landover…this is what got me “hooked” on your writing…have loved all 8 of them. Any chance of a possible “revival” of another last book in this series?

  4. On the contrary, I can totally see Steve Carell as Ben! It suggests the humour would be played up, but that’s probably better for audiences than a movie that takes itself too seriously. Landover does feature quite a bit of humour. So long as it doesn’t become crass, I’d be on board with it.

  5. Totally agree on Carell not being right for Ben. Ben is not meant to be a super-hero, but he needs to be a little more athletic than Carell, and younger too. My biggest fear is that they make Carell (whose work I normally enjoy) the lead and make the whole movie a light-hearted comedy. While there are some comedic sequences in the books, they shouldn’t be the driving force.

  6. I’m not sure how to feel about Steve Carell as Ben. I think Steve is an excellent actor and can pull off both comedic and dramatic roles…he showed he can play a convincing widower in “Dan in Real Life”, and a more serious role in “Little Miss Sunshine”. But I think Shannon is right about Ben needing to be a bit younger and more athletic. Then again, Robin Williams did an excellent job of something like this in “Hook”, and I doubt anyone pictured him in that type of role. If it means that the movie won’t get made otherwise, I’d certainly be more than satisfied to see Steve Carell as Ben. Also, having a star as big as Steve attached to the movie will certainly help make it popular, as opposed to some no-name actor which would decrease the odds of the movie making it to production and holding wide appeal. So I think I’m all for Steve.

  7. It says on Steve Carell’s Wikipedia page that Magic Kingdom for Sale–Sold! is in pre-production and is set to release next year. Whether this is true or not, and whether it will be delayed is still up to the gods, but I am very excited just to see it in writing on a website. Let’s just hope the Mayans were wrong.

  8. Why couldn’t Steve Carell play the sinister Meeks? If I’m remembering correctly, he’s Questor’s half brother too. Remember that you have to start with an eccentric, rich, off the wall kind of character selling the Kingdom and giving Ben grief. Steve could pull that off easily, and run with that character through additional movies.

    I hope it comes into fruition! Good luck!

  9. Steve Carell could totally pull of a good Ben, but Christopher Walken is to stocky for Questor. Questor is spindly. Abernathy would just be a voice, as only CGI would do him justice. I want Megan Fox as Willow. She would be so hot with green skin and hair, I would even do her as a tree. To bad Dick Cheney isn’t a (hollywood) actor or he would be the spot on Meeks.

  10. That’s great! Since I started reading these I’ve wanted to see a movie from them, and this would certainly be a great one!

  11. its about time you got one of your books made into a movie. personally i think shannara’s better than lord of the rings. but the “magic kingdom” is a good start. best wishes for this to happen, you deserve to have more stories on the silver screen.

  12. i could see Ben Stiller as Ben Holiday.He has the right kid of look, and is in shape enough for the athletic stuff. Plus he is a well known actor who could do it right.

  13. I don’t see Carell as too old, Ben is supposed to be about 40. However, Willow is supposed to look young and they would need to cast a female teen like Miranda Cosgrove, Miley Cyrus or Justin Bieber, I just can’t see any of them in a love scene with Steve…

  14. I think it would be neat to see a Landover movie…but in reality were all hoping and waiting for the Shannara series. Look at how well LOTR transferred to movies and in my opinion the Shannara books are a great deal better than those from Tolkien. I do think Steve Carell would fit well in a Landover movie though considering the light hearted aspect of the books but man I cant wait for some Shannara action. I wonder how old I will be when they make the first movie….

  15. Ideas for characters in Landover movie…

    Ben- Tobey Maguire or Ewan McGregor
    Willow- Scarlett Johansson or Zoe Saldana
    Questor- Adrien Brody made to look older or Christopher Lloyd or John Malkovich
    Abernathy- Morgan Freeman or Michael Caine (voices only)
    Meeks- Steve Carell

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