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Last year, Subterranean Press began taking orders for a limited edition of the Shannara novella, Indomitable.

Today, I received an email from Sub Press that they have begun shipping out their copies to those who ordered it! That’s good news for those who have been patiently waiting. The Signed Page should receive its 300 copies within a week or so and, when Terry returns to Seattle next, he will sign them for people who have ordered signed copies.

Don’t know what Indomitable is? Click HERE. There is an excerpt and more information about the novella!

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  1. Can’t wait to get my signed copy and read this follow-up story for one of my most favorite Shannara books! 🙂

  2. Indomitable was supposed to be released 31 March 2012 but was not. How soon before it will be in bookstores or on

    • Indomitable went to the printer that week just as scheduled and has been shipping for several days now. It’s being done by a small press though, Jay, and that doesn’t even mean it will end up in a bookstore or on Amazon. I know for a fact that B&N and Amazon both tried to place orders with Sub Press but sometimes more people have ordered from Sub Press, leaving those other venders without copies. You should place your order with either Sub Press or The Signed Page to guarantee a copy.

  3. I am an avid reader of Terry’s booksna dnalways look forward to his latest work. Unfortunately I cannot afford to pay for a first edition, but would like to know if Indomitable will coming out for us mass maket price tag readers.

  4. Just received my copy of Indomitable. First off, before I opened the box, I thought it was a paperback, by weight. Upon opening, I was taken back by the thinness of the book. I own all of your books in hardcover. But the price of this one for 23.00 plus shipping. Have pre ordered you next book, but question the length of that at 23+. Am an avid reader and met you in South Hadley Ma. 2 books in six months. No where near the length of your past books. ????

    • Hi Wayne, sad to hear how annoyed you are. Indomitable has always been a short story since it was first published in the Legends II short story anthology. It’s not a novel. And everywhere I’ve seen it listed, it says clearly that the book is only 96 pages in length.

      As far as the price, it’s a special, limited edition with artwork placed throughout the book. That’s why it is more expensive — better materials and more put into it. The good thing is, if you don’t like it, you should be able to sell it on or without much of a problem as more people wanted it than copies printed. Cheers!

  5. I just received my signed copy today, everything about it was as I expected, I love the color illustrations…unless I missed it, the only let down was that I did not see an illustration of Garet Jax….sad about this.

  6. Hey Shawn,

    I live in Farmington, UT (yeah I know, you have never heard of it) anyway, I was just wondering if I should have received my copy of Indomitable? It looks like others received their copies five days ago. Just wanted to make sure mine didn’t get lost or anything.

  7. i got mien after waiting for almost a year after purchasing. it is a very small book. i read it in a little over an hour. its not 97 pages either the text starts on page 7 and ends on page 96. the first page is only a half page as well. but still worth it to avid shannara fans.

    there is a limited amount of the books that will ever ben seen . if you ordered it, be glad to have it in your collection.

    ive had 4 different friends ask my if i could lend it to them or photo copy the pages.


    my book!

    thanks shawn and terry!

    • I’ve recently received the signed limited edition (1 of 300) with the extra colour illustrations. Very nice. A cute little book that I’ll need to protect from the elements. I just hope they don’t get ideas to do another one as it was quite hard to get ahold of. Are there any pictures of the standard edition anywhere? It would be nice to see the make-up of that book as it too had a limited print run: 1500?. I believe that edition was cloth bound and not faux-leather like the limited edition. Also there is a fourth colour page at the end of my book but I’m wondering whether the standard edition has that as well. Thanks.

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