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As many of you know, I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma last year. It was a rough time but I prevailed and now I’m healthier than ever.

The problem is this: I didn’t have health insurance. I quickly gained a massive financial debt from the surgeries and treatment. But rather than declare medical bankruptcy as so many have to do in my situation, Terry offered to write me a short story to help. He told me to contact my other writer friends and create a short story anthology, the proceeds from which would go to ending that debt.

He also suggested I publish my novel, The Dark Thorn, as a hardcover. Here is the blurb he offered for the book:

“The Dark Thorn is one exciting book. From start to finish, there are strong characters, dangers lurking around every corner and cliffhangers that will leave you breathless. A fine tale by a talented writer.” — Terry Brooks

The Dark Thorn is now up for hardcover pre-order on my new website, Grim Oak Press. It can also be ordered on the Kindle as well as the Nook! But it is also time to announce the anthology. It is titled Unfettered and the list of authors is below in the official press release from my new publishing house, Grim Oak Press:

Click to embiggin’ the press release!

As you can see, there are some great writers there. I am super fortunate to have such generous friends. Proceeds from Unfettered will go to alleviating my medical debt. The Dark Thorn will also have two different hardcover editions to help. Some of you have been waiting for The Dark Thorn to be published as a physical copy. Now you have your chance. You can read an excerpt from my novel on the Grim Oak Press website and purchase now if you like.

Unfettered will go on pre-order sale in a month or two.

Note: If you want to order a signed & numbered edition of The Dark Thorn to ensure you can order a copy of the signed & numbered edition of Unfettered, follow the HOW TO ORDER directions on Grim Oak Press. The books won’t last long when this goes viral in a day or two.

Thanks for reading and hopefully buying! It means a lot to me!

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  1. Already bought Dark Thorn on Kindle and will get a hardcopies too. My baby nephew has cancer as well. We help where we can and get something to read out of it. What a deal! Love the imprint name

    • This just makes me sad, Jeff. Hope the nephew does well. It’s such a hard thing for the young to go through, even though they usually have the best chances. I’ll think of your nephew and give great thoughts their way!

      • I am very happy to hear that you have come through this so well and that you will be with us for many years to come. I will be checking out the Grim Oak Press website and placing my pre-order for your book……
        My mother has survived one of the most virulent forms of breast cancer and is doing well. The struggles were long and hard, but we are glad to have her with us. God bless you, Shawn.

  2. I will be checking this book out. I feel for you. My father was diagnosed last year with Hodgkins as well. He has finished his treatments and is also healthy again. Glad to hear your friends are there to help!

    • Glad he is doing well, Michael. While 10 years ago I had non-Hodgkins, last year I had Hodgin’s lymphoma. If I am to get cancer, that is the one to get. The curability rate is up around 90%. The treatment is expensive though. Hope he is doing really well and doesn’t have to deal with what I’m dealing with. Grr.

  3. The list of authors working on that anthalogy is most impressive! I never knew you had so many “writer friends”! 😉

  4. Finally! I’m ordering this once I get the money. If my calculations are correct, I will have to wait four years when I’m out of college making entry level salary. It’ll be while. Sorry, Shawn.

  5. Excited for this and nice to see such friendship and caring in the writing community. Keep going strong, Shawn!

  6. Shawn,
    Great news! Just out of curiosity, is the short story that Terry is contributing the same Allanon story that is scheduled for e-book release in June?

    • Terry and I talked about it this morning. He will talk to Del Rey about it. The chance is slim but I really hope it does. It will kill two birds with one stone for me — fans asking me how they can read the story if they don’t have an ereader, plus people wanting to read a quality Terry Brooks short story in the anthology. 🙂 We’ll see. Keep your fingers crossed!

  7. Terry was supposed to make a movie related announcement at the “get lit at the beach shindig (if memory serves). But I havent heard anything…. any news on this?

    • Hey Joe, Terry sent me a blog about the movies but it’s nothing that hasn’t already been revealed. He had hoped to have Shannara news by the time Get Lit at the Beach happened, but it hasn’t yet. More when we know it!

  8. I have tried to register on the Oak Press page in order to get a password to allow me to log in and order the book…I never got a password email as described. When I gave up on that I decided to just try to order the book, but now it I get an error message saying my email address is already in use? I have ordered from the signed page web site before. I just want to order the signed book and be on the list for the Unfettered…What do I need to do?

    • Hi Deb. The Grim Oak Press website and database show that you haven’t registered with that email address. I also only one have customer so far with the name “Deb.” It doesn’t appear to be you. Visit the Grim Oak Press website, follow the directions on the HOW TO ORDER page, and everything should be fine. Just so you know, the Grim Oak Press website and The Signed Page website are completely different, so you’ll need to register again.

      The other thing you should do is check your spam folder. The email with the password might have went there in your email service. Also, if you think you have done everything right but haven’t gotten your password, you can RESET your password; just visit the website and on the right side below the newsletter sign-in is the ability to REGISTER, LOGIN and RESET. Choose reset. It’s worked for everyone else who has used it. If we can’t get this figured out, we may have to go the money order route. Good luck!

  9. Hi Shawn! First of all I want to express how great it is that you beat the cancer, and I think that the amount of solidarity shown here from the writing community is nothing short of amazing; it gives me hope in humanity again.

    Also, I wanted to ask after reading this post if Grim Oak Press will be shipping to the UK at all, or if that will be handled by Amazon? I remember reading an excerpt of The Dark Thorn a while ago, and it really whetted my appetite for more! And it goes without saying that I’d like to be able to read Unfettered, with a list of such well-renowned fantasy authors!

  10. Just got my leather copy Shawn. Thanks in advance for a wonderful story for my library. I will be celebrating my 500th hardcover book in the near future, and I am honored to count you among them. I hope you can raise more than you need and be blessed as you bless others.

  11. okay, i ordered mine, the night i got the email. when do i get to read it? “i wan’t one; i wan’t one now!” okay, i channeled veruca salt there but i am much more patient than she and i would never sell my everlastinggobstopper. different writer. different time. but great work can not be bound by temporal experiences. and so i wait with anxious anticipa-(SAY IT) -tion!

  12. Hey Shawn,
    just ordered a hard copy of your book Dark Thorn. You story hits close to home for me as my aunt is a breast cancer survivor and my mom had surgery and radiation and has started her 5 year meds. You are in my thoughts and I am pulling for you! I am a big Brooks fan and am eager to see what magic you have conjured in your work! Hope to become a lifelong fan!

    • Hey Mike, thanks for the support and sharing your story. So many people are affected by cancer. It makes me so sad. Glad to hear you have a tough family. As far as The Dark Thorn, if you like Terry, you’ll likely like my book. I think that’s the reason Terry loved it and why early reviewers have liked it too. Let me know what you think when you are done!

  13. Your story really touches home since I have had family and friends that have died from cancer. As a fantasy fan, I am constantly on the lookout for new and interesting stories to read and add to my collection. I was all ready interested in the novel thanks in part to following a link Terry Brooks’ site, and now, I might just have to get a hardback copy instead of Nook.

  14. Bought for Kindle, Looking forward to reading!

    I’ll probably try and grab a physical copy too 😀 xxxx

  15. Hi Shawn

    Read some reviews from the ebook publication. Looks real good. Was wondering when the hardback I ordered will be shipped?



    • September. It has taken us longer to get the production side of it finished. I’m actually handing it over to the printer this week and it should take about five weeks for the hardback copies to arrive at my doorstep. Thanks for the support!

  16. Hey Shawn-just purchased Dark Thorn for Nook. I can’t wait to read it. I am very glad that you are doing well. When Unfettered is ready, I will purchase that as well. Hang tough!!!

    Lisa C.

  17. I know my comment is later than others but I just wanted to say that I am glad that you are doing much better and I will be ordering this as well come payday! Hooray for you on overcoming Hodgkins!

  18. […] If you are a fan of any of these scifi and fantasy authors, I highly recommend these two books. You get new stories by some of your favorite authors and your money goes towards a good cause. What more could you ask for? Order The Dark Thorn here, order Unfettered here, read Shawn’s original announcement of Unfettered on the Terry Brooks blog here. […]

  19. Hi Shawn,
    congrats on over coming hodgekins, I had it about 5 years ago and understand the hell it puts you through, it’s great to hear of other survivors out there.

    I hope you can raise the much needed funds, and I look forward to reading both the anthology and your novel.

    All the best for the future.

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