Blog #3432. I kid. I just got a look at Russ Charpentier’s full color map for the new set of Shannara books, The Dark Legacy of Shannara, to begin publishing this August. These books were to be a gift to readers who have loved the series, a throwback to the first Shannara book where we had a color centerfold and drawings throughout. But a new map was something we badly needed, one that accurately covered everything to date about the world of Shannara (or almost everything). Russ has been doing Shannara maps for years now, offering up various renderings of different parts of the Shannara world, both within the Four Lands and without. Always first class work, always with meticulous attention to detail.

But this latest is amazing. You are going to love it. A really beautifully accurate portrayal of the Shannara landscape, a fantastic rendering. I just wanted to let you know how I feel about this and to thank Russ publicly for all his hard work on this project and over the years. We will be featuring it soon once it is approved by the publisher, so stay tuned!

Note from Shawn: Russ will be making this new double-wide Four Lands map available for order. Over the years, Terry’s fans have asked for a beautiful rendition of the Four Lands in a larger scale and Russ has delivered. I believe he will offer limited edition super high-quality giclees of the map signed by both he and Terry, as well as less expensive, unsigned posters. More news about all of this in a month’s time!

Written by Terry Brooks
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