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Every great fantasy novel needs a great map!

Terry has been fortunate since the publication of his debut novel, The Sword of Shannara. For 35 years, he has had excellent cover art and fantastic maps. From the Hildebrandt Bros. to long-time Del Rey Books editor and part-time artist Shelly Shaprio, fans have been spoiled.

And they have been spoiled the last twelve years by the work of cartographer Russ Charpentier.

Russ became Terry’s new mapmaker in 2000 with the publication of The Voyage of the Jerle Shannara: Ilse Witch. He did beautiful work. A wine country map illustrator for years, he painted a single-sheet Four Lands map similar in scope to that done by the Hildebrandt Bros. in 1977. He also did the artwork on the Castaway’s Map that began the narrative in Voyage. Terry loved the work so much he asked to keep Russ for the next few series—series that would demand new maps. Russ has since done a map of Parkasia, the Forbidding, and most recently for Landover. You can see these others maps in the STORE now.

For the 35th publication anniversary of The Sword of Shannara, Terry decided we needed a new, larger map of the Four Lands for the forthcoming book, Wards of Faerie. He wanted Russ again.

And Russ delivered. Here it is:

The colors of the map will change slightly—be more vibrant—when it is printed. And that’s okay. Because you can order the high-quality, high-resolution edition as your own map!

Russ is making available three different versions of the map:

  • The New Four Lands Map – Offset Poster will be 18″ x 24″ on Sundance Felt 80 lb. text Natural white, a nice stock with a watercolor texture to it. It will be unsigned. The price will be $25.00.

  • The New Four Lands Map – Artist-Signed Giclee will be 20″ x 26.5″ and signed by only Russ Charpentier. The price will be $225.00.

  • The New Four Lands Map – Dual-Signed Giclee will be 20″ x 26.5″ and signed by both Russ Charpentier and Terry Brooks. The price will be $300.00.

Russ is making available three different versions of the map:

  • The New Four Lands Map – Offset Poster will be 18″ x 24″ on Sundance Felt 80 lb. text Natural white, a nice stock with a watercolor texture to it. It will be unsigned. The price will be $25.00.

  • The New Four Lands Map – Artist-Signed Giclee will be 20″ x 26.5″ and signed by only Russ Charpentier. The price will be $225.00.

  • The New Four Lands Map – Dual-Signed Giclee will be 20″ x 26.5″ and signed by both Russ Charpentier and Terry Brooks. The price will be $300.00.

Each order is shipped in a sturdy tube. Both United States and International orders can be shipped via Priority Mail (you should probably purchase insurance from Russ for the giclees) or with Economy Mail (no insurance, putting the order at risk!).

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you want your order to be fully protected, choose Priority Mail. That way you can buy insurance for Russ that covers the entire transaction. If you select Economy Mail, neither Russ Charpentier or Terry Brooks are liable if your order gets damaged or goes missing.

EXAMPLE: If you buy a $300.00 giclee shipped via Economy Mail and the order gets damaged in transit, Russ is not responsible.

Please give Russ 30 days to process an order for the Terry Brooks-signed giclees. Due to international customs requirements, shipping times are variable and beyond the control of the shipper. If you need a map for a gift, be sure to order far in advance to ensure timely delivery.

The 16″ x 24″ Offset is an unlimited press run on a good quality 80lb. textured cover stock. The colors may fade in time as with all printed material exposed to indirect light. The paper is not acid free and may darken over time. They are not signed or numbered. It is a copy, like a calendar or greeting card, it is not expected to appreciate in value over time but should look great for many years to come if properly cared for.

The 20″ x 26.5″ Giclee on the other hand is a limited, museum quality, hand pulled print, signed and numbered by Russ. They are produced one at a time, limited to a run of 100 and provided with a Certificate of Authenticity. The inks are brilliant archival quality and should not fade or loose their brilliance for 100 years if not exposed to direct sunlight. The paper is heavy weight Reeves BFK acid free water color stock and will not yellow over time. Each giclee, unlike the offset, costs much more to produce and is considered an “original”. They are an investment and should increase in value with time.

Note: Terry and this website have no involvement in the completion or shipment of an order placed. If you have a question, please write Russ at

38 responses to “Pre-Order The Four Lands Map”

  1. I would love to have one of these maps but I think they are very “overpriced”. Especially since the most economical map is the same price as one of the hardcover books!!!!

      • I agree its a bit over priced,we support by buying hard covers how bout a digital down load for fans that buys Terry;s books ,that’s not a lot to ask for; a fair price of $15.00 for a down load for those of us who just want it on our computer to reference .

        • Although that’s not a bad idea, Bear, digital downloads of such maps leads to digital piracy. 🙁 That can’t happen in this situation. Russ makes a living off of the few maps he sells.

        • M kehla, Bear,
          There are is a map around for digital download but it’s an not an official map someone just created it. However as download your scrowling through every thing so you end up paying to have a poster made that is lower quality, and ends up costing about the same. I for one am very happy with Russ’s map.

    • I agree with Shawn.
      I have one of the original Four Lands Glicee’s and let me tell you it is worth every penny of the $300 that I paid for the signed version.
      I am going to have to figure out how to hopefully get one of the signed versions.
      If not I will definitely get the poster.

    • I don’t mInd buying memorabilia, but when you can’t even see the map in the book, it is disheartening. I shouldn’t have to get out a magnifying glass to read the names of places – and I have 20-17 vision. The paperback map is poorly reduced for print. I had to see this online so I finally know where Paranor and Aborlon are! Tracing their course backwards from the text kills enjoyment of the story. Then when I see you have to pay just to read the map, I really feel that this author is about one thing. It’s disheartening and I will not buy a second book.

      • The author isn’t about “one thing,” as you so crassly said. A paperback book is small. The map of the Four Lands is huge. It’s a format issue, nothing more. As per your “one thing” comment, Terry makes no money off of the maps. That’s the artist. Cheers.

  2. I want this! I’ve been using the maps in the World of Shannara when reading the books, so I have an idea as to where everything is/was.

  3. I bought one! I wish I had done prioirity mail… I THOUGHT I had but apparently not lol. Hope all goes well. 300 is a LOT lol.

  4. I have to say I am really looking forward to receiving the map. It will really help the reading experience, when I frame it on the wall of my reading den.

    Thanks again, Terry, for all the enjoyment you have given me over the years.

    Shaun. Can I just buy a cover for a book ? I have a Terry signed copy of Straken, but the cover has been lost.

    Let me know.

    All the best.


    A very devoted Welsh fan.

    • Paul,

      To obtain a dust jacket, I would look for a used copy of the book online, purchase it, keep the dust jacket, and resell the book without the dust jacket.

  5. I have been reading shannara for 1 year and 17 books through and it is my favorite book and i have been wishing that a map would come along so i could frame it. thanks terry brooks. u r awesome.

  6. Would that be “the fangs” (as depicted in the new interior artwork) I see bristling up at the top left hand corner…….

  7. So just one problem…on previous versions of the map, the spelling is “Hoare Flats.” On this one, it is “Hoar Flats.”

    That makes me want to buy every single copy I can get, hoping that they will be more valuable in time because of this “mistake.”

  8. I think the prices are fair. High quality inks and other art materials are expensive, and for the poster version, $25.00 is only the equivalent of a few trips to McDonald’s (we should be eating less of that stuff anyway) for something that you can enjoy perusing over many times into the future.

    Is that Rampling Steep I see tucked under the Charnals?

  9. Just received my poster copy of the map today. Looks fantastic. Just one thing though. In addition to the Hoar Flats as mentioned above we also have the Moutians of Runne. It also looks as though it has a signature on it, though I can’t make out whether it’s Russ’s or not?

    • I’m sure the signature is Russ’s signature. 🙂

      As for Hoare Flats and Moutians of Runne, I’ve written Russ and Terry about it. Hopefully we can get these fixed, not only fore future maps but for the map that will appear in WARDS. That poster you have could be a great error to possess. 🙂

  10. I almost jumped on buying a map until I read about the errors. Will these errors be fixed? Yes, it could increase the value for an occassional oops but if all 100 maps have the same error then it’s not such a ‘unique’ characteristic that warrants extra value.

  11. I’m sorry, but I don’t see the point in putting the maps in the new books when the writing is so small as to be unreadable. At least in the older books, we could see the names of the places and where they were located.

    It’s a book/series of books for goodness sake, we pay enough for the words/story. Why would I want to waste money on a map of a fantasy land??

    I have the new trilogy and it cost enough to buy those, I’m not paying for something that is of no intrinsic value other than pointing out places in fantasy land. I’ll just have to use the old maps and try to place locations by what I’m reading.

    One disappointed fan (not of the books) but of this – you have to buy the map to be able to see it. Why didn’t they do it by doing the map over 4 pages? Now that would have made more sense to the fans!

  12. Very excited to see the new map of the four lands…especially having just re-read the entire series. This included the newer books that had come out since the last time I finished with the High Druid of Shannara series.

    So I was hopeful that this new map would be available with one of these new books…no. I’ve just bought (not pirated though it’s an eBook) the High Druid’s Blade, and was very happy to see the new map at the beginning of this book……in such poor quality I can’t make out the names of even the largest areas, or even hazard a guess as to what the giant new landmark between the Duln forest and the Mermidon River could possibly be.

    Been a huge fan of Brooks and Shannara since a very young age, the Sword was my first introduction to fantasy, and as such I’ve paid for every single book I hadn’t read before, aswell as ones I had which got lost over the years, when I came to re-read them.

    I might just download the next one free since there’s apparently no reward (less than no reward, something utterly unintelligible) for loyalty.

  13. Ordered one of the unsigned mapps on 09/13/15 and have not received it. The website indicates a 30 day processing period for the signed maps but does not indicate a time frame on the unsigned prints. Please advise the time period when I should receive the print. Thank you for your time.

      • Hey Dick, I ordered mine in july and it took about 3 weeks, loved the map when it got here but I did order an unsigned copy. When I ordered I also e mailed Russ and he responded right away.

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