Terry Reviews: The Games

The Games by Ted Kosmatka
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The choice was easy this month. I just finished a new book called THE GAMES by a writer named Ted Kosmatka. No, it is not a riff on THE HUNGER GAMES. It isn’t even fantasy. It is a SciFi Thriller about a future in which the Olympic Games includes an event pitting genetically manufactured creatures against each other in blood sport reminiscent of ancient gladitorial contests. What happens when the perfect fighting machine becomes a threat to its creators? Nothing good, you can be sure. A page turner with a new take on the future of the Olympics should genetic manipulation suddenly become fashionable.

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3 responses to “Terry Reviews: The Games”

  1. Just bought a copy last nite. Had to pay full price, damn Half Price Books didnt have.
    Excited to start this

  2. Thanks for recommending this book. I finished it recently and found it to be one of the best science fiction books I’ve read in some time.

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