Auction: Be a Character in a Terry Brooks Book!

Terry is known for his wonderful names. They just seem to fit. Names like Allanon, Garet Jax, Walker Boh, Grianne Ohmsford. Truls Rohk. Crace Coram. The names fit the character and help bring them to life! He gets them from his travels, evolves them, and makes them his own.

Every once in a while though, Terry takes name inspiration from a different place altogether!

A few years ago before Terry started writing A Princess of Landover, he was approached by the World Association for Children & Parents to help raise money for their worthy cause. Rather than simply donate a number of signed books to them, Terry decided to have a bit more fun and offered to auction off a name in one of his forthcoming novels. The winning bidder’s name would be immortalized forever in a Terry Brooks book.

The winning bidder that year, Langdon Shoop, chose to have his name changed a bit and became the irascible mute G’Home Gnome Shoopdiesel!

Terry has done it one other time and that winning bidder’s name will appear in The Dark Legacy of Shannara series.

It is time to do it again, this time to help keep strong the David Gemmell Award! Here are the auctions up for bidding:

A cameo in an upcoming Terry Brooks novel! Have your name featured in book 1 of his new series out in 2014, following The Dark Legacy of Shannara. Kindly donated by Terry Brooks.

There’s the information for it. The winning bidder will have their name featured in the first book Terry writes after Book III in The Dark Legacy of Shannara trilogy. I can tell you that novel will most likely be a Shannara novel, it will be a stand alone, and it will likely not feature an Ohmsford as a main character. The setting will also likely be outside of the Four Lands, something Terry’s fans have been wanting for a very long time.

All auction lots will be auctioned at the DAVID GEMMELL LEGEND AWARD CEREMONY on Friday, 15th June. For tickets to the event, or to bid on a lot if you will not be attending, please contact Christine Harrison on as soon as possible! All proceeds go towards supporting the DGLA in the future.

I’m assuming most of you won’t be attending the ceremony. To bid, that means you have to send Christine Harrison an email at!

And be sure to bid on the other items if they interest you. It goes to a wonderful cause!


5 responses to “Auction: Be a Character in a Terry Brooks Book!”

  1. My name is Diana a common name.
    But here are my daughters and granddaughters names which are
    a little different.
    Destiny (Dessie)
    Trinity (Trinny)
    Cormia (Mia)

  2. I’ve always thought my name would make a good fantasy character. Unfortunately, I don’t have the funds for this sort of bidding war.

  3. Although my full name is an italian name, i’d like it to be feature as Peld Elgowern

  4. I was thinking that you can use the name, or something like this Skeeter Silverleaf or something, one of the characters in my book is already named Skeeter though…
    She can be like an elf, the name sounds elvish.
    Or, it could be something like Britta Anvil.


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